The mythical beast returned to the cage, and a pair of British single shoes arranged the happiness of the tide mothers

The divine beast is back! The happy return of the tide moms ~ Make an appointment with your sisters! Schedule an appointment with your significant other! Lazy and leisurely alone time can be! Colorful encore activities that prevent daily outfits?

The round-topped British single shoe turns into your happiness maker, allowing you to easily get your happy encore! Tide moms, come and see how the Happy Maker Round Toe British Single Shoes make you happy Max~

Take advantage of the return of the divine beast and go to the place where you have been meeting for a long time with your girlfriends. The round toe of the British single shoe is combined with the leather top, the silly and tender shape is not lost in texture, and it is paired with a light blue denim horse clip and a black lace skirt to create your own unique style. Life wants to sharpen your corners,

Youthful personality

It takes you back to the simple and happy youth, sticking to the sisters and playing wildly!

Specially rushed to his company to accompany him to taste the lunch bento you prepared yourself. The PU and Hyperli combination pads of the round-toe British single shoes bring a dry foot feeling, the thick hem of the shoe has a soft ankle protection, and it is lighter and easier to walk, with a plaid top jacket and a pure black pleated long skirt, the temperament is gentle and gentle. It treats you with tenderness, allowing you to create your own little surprises in the tea, rice, oil and salt of life, no matter how life changes, it cannot change your heart for each other!

Slow down life and walk your dog alone in the park. The four-centimeter block heel of the round-toe British single shoe, the heel is comfortable and does not tire the foot, plus the non-slip and wear-resistant rubber sole, it is easy to walk, with a taupe small suit and light blue small leg pants, the posture is more relaxed. It allows you not to worry about the trivialities around you, immerse yourself in the comfort of being alone, stop and go along the road, and release the stress that has been deposited for a long time!

The beast is back, your happy hour is gradually restarting, and the happy maker round toe British single shoes make your daily wear have an inner taste! Is there any of the above that suits your heart’s content?

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