7 good things worth buying at IKEA: obviously ordinary but practical, the key is cheap, really good

Even if you have not visited IKEA, you have heard of it, more or less a few IKEA household items, right? In fact, IKEA is not all boutique, if you want to find a good one, you still have to carefully select and compare in use.

Therefore, in order to make everyone less detours, today I will recommend 7 kinds of IKEA super practical gadgets to friends, hoping to help you find useful gadgets~

Oh yes, in order to make it easier for everyone to find, I will write the name in the title ~ Without further ado, here we go!

1. Hornawan Cart

The cart named Hornavan is very suitable for storage, it has a three-layer shelf design, it can be used to store some small groceries, can be used to store cosmetics, skin care products, and can also store small things such as snacks, which is very suitable.

And with a roller, it is convenient to move at will, and it is quite flexible to use!

2. Resato trolley

The same is a trolley, but this cart adopts this small and large design, the most suitable practical place is the kitchen, as a cart for storing vegetables and fruits is very suitable, the mesh basket can ensure ventilation.

The most important thing is that the small and large design on the cart makes it very convenient to take down two layers of items, which is a relatively intimate small design!

Third, Anthony plastic storage compartment

This plastic storage compartment, the most important thing is super cheap! It can be used as a divider box in a drawer or on its own table.

The little fairies can use it as a sorting storage compartment for their own makeup area, and the texture is still good!

4. Oleby shower curtain

This shower curtain is also very cheap, the impression is about 20, the waterproof performance is not bad, and there are 6 colors to choose from, basically suitable for most bathroom styles.

5. Gliese small storage box

This small storage box is also very easy to use, three color design, easy to use when sorting and storing, of course, can also be used as a desk accessory, storage some colored pens, scissors and other stationery is very suitable, personal feeling is not bad!

6. Esta fresh-keeping bag

Trust me, this crisper bag is so practical! My family bought it over and over again, packed some nuts, brought a sandwich to work, fruit and so on, the bag is very thick, the texture is good, and the pattern is simple and good-looking!

There are even people who use it as a waterproof bag for mobile phones, all in all, it is worth recommending!

7. Sikub shoe box

Finally, I recommend you a shoe box, this shoe box called “Sikubu” is actually a little expensive, but the design is still good, the front is a grid, you can see the types of shoes stored inside.

And it has a certain degree of support, more stacks of layers is no problem, can play a good protective role for shoes, in short, also recommended!


In short, IKEA actually has a lot of good things worth recommending, due to the limitation of space, today we will talk so much, I don’t know if the above 7 kinds of people have used? Welcome to chat together in the comment area~

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