Lin Xinru prepared new clothes for her daughter for the New Year: retro Chinese-style red cotton clothes, there are several red envelopes

Lin Xinru can be said to be busy with her career while accompanying her daughter to grow up at home. Huo Jianhua’s appearance in his wife’s new film is also equivalent to fully assisting his wife’s new career.

Last time, Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua celebrated their daughter Little Dolphin’s 5th birthday, Lin Xinru arranged the entire birthday party in a hotel, and invited many familiar friends and relatives to charter a venue to celebrate her daughter’s birthday.

The baby daughter Little Dolphin in the lens is the pearl in the palm of the couple, although the media did not release the front face photo of the little baby, but from the back of the head, she must be a little beauty.

Soon to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, Lin Xinru is not only busy with work, but she is also preparing for the whole family to welcome the New Year.

On January 23, she released her New Year’s clothes for her daughter on her personal account.

Celebrity New Year is the same as ordinary families, it is necessary to prepare a new set of clothes for children, especially with red celebrations.

Judging from the clothes Lin Xinru prepared for her daughter, as a mother, she prepared a Chinese-style red cotton coat for her daughter, and the whole look was well-behaved and cute.

Judging from Lin Xinru’s accompanying pictures, it should be a New Year’s gift from a brand to her and her daughter, and it is also a newly designed Chinese style. The label given by Lin Xinru is: wear new clothes and get red envelopes for the New Year!

With new clothes, there will be no less natural red envelopes. On the morning of January 23, Lin Xinru released the bags and red envelopes she had prepared for her daughter.

The red envelope is placed in a box, there is a thoughtful small card, and the backpack is colored stripes, which looks particularly good.

Welcoming the New Year is to receive red envelopes, and it seems that the 5-year-old dolphin is slowly enjoying the joy of the New Year. Like all children, everyone is waiting for the New Year.

It is worth mentioning that unlike ordinary people, Lin Xinru also gave her daughter a lot of gifts in her usual life. For example, the pet cat in the picture below is a gift prepared by Lin Xinru and Huo Jianhua for their daughter.

According to Taiwan media, this cat is exactly the same as Shu Qi’s family, Shu Qi and Lin Xinru are good friends, it is estimated that in private they often exchange experiences in raising cats.

Especially when her daughter little dolphin grows up slowly, this cat that Lin Xinru gave to her daughter will grow up with her daughter, so that her daughter is not lonely.

Lin Xinru prepared new clothes for her daughter for the New Year: retro Chinese-style red cotton clothes, there are several red envelopes

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