Who broke the fortune of instant noodles?

In 1958, the Japanese Momofuku Ando invented the world’s first brewable “instant noodles”, and at that time, he would never have imagined how many people he would save in the future.

When instant noodles became popular in China, more than a billion people came together to eat China as a legitimate one

“Instant noodle power”

According to data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the market size of China’s convenience food reached 452 billion yuan in 2019, and the scale of instant noodles is unquestionable.

How large the instant noodles are is not the primary thing, what flavor the instant noodles have is the main thing.

China is so big and has so many flavors, there are Wuhan people who resolutely do not eat chicken noodles stewed with shiitake mushrooms even if the epidemic is closed;

Cantonese people who will not eat beef noodles with pepper pepper when a typhoon of more than a dozen degrees comes…

The amazing thing is,

Master Kong’s braised beef noodles and unified Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles unanimously conquered the “mouth” of the people of the whole country.

What a pity it would be if China’s instant noodles did not have these two flavors? Jiajia is the first to not allow!

Master Kong who follows the trend vs helpless unification

Master Kong’s fame and market share have always been higher than unity,

But what first made a fortune was unification.

Before the rise of Master Kong, the unification born in 1967 had already become popular in Taiwan’s instant noodle market, and it was firmly in the position of the big man.

It is said that Master Kong’s founder, Wei Yingxing, casually soaked a package of instant noodles brought from Taiwan on a train to the mainland; As a result, the scent filled the carriage, and people around him asked him where he bought it.

Wei Yingxing: I’ll see! There are so many people on the train, and instant noodles should have a big business opportunity.

Good guys, while we’re just thinking about how to cook, others are already thinking about how to make our money.

In 1992, Master Kong’s braised beef noodles were born and are popular until now.

Later, it was also proved that eating instant noodles on the train is indeed a big business opportunity.

If you want to eat a piping hot meal on a long journey, there is nothing better than instant noodles.

As soon as the boiling water was soaked, the fragrance spread throughout the carriage, and two spoonfuls of noodles were soaked in soup, “Come alive!” ”

The time of unifying the entry into the mainland market was only 15 days later than Master Kong, and he chose his own

Signature shrimp noodles

, the name of the taste, I feel that I can imagine that fresh and light taste.

There may be no problem with noodles, the problem is that we don’t like it.

Master Kong’s braised beef noodles are the first instant noodles with sauce packets in our mainland.

Think about the general environment of that year, in the 90s of the 20th century, the level of materials and consumption was far less than now, a package of fragrant and heavy taste of braised beef noodles, oil and water instantly increased a lot.

How to compare with the weak uniform shrimp noodles? To paraphrase the phrase “poisonous chicken soup”: choice is more important than effort.

Master Kong just like that, he pressed Big Brother to the ground and rubbed.

In desperation, Unity chose to change to an industry without Master Kong.

In 1995,

Unified iced tea

Launched in East China, it quickly became popular, and Master Kong also killed it very quickly.

In October 1996,

Master Kong’s boxed iced tea

Listed; Later, he also invited Ren Xianqi and Mayday to speak for him, and the limelight overshadowed unification, and it is still the case until now.

In 1998, Unity was introduced

green tea

; A year later, Master Kong Green Tea appeared… According to this sentence, I believe everyone can guess the subsequent development.

Changing a battlefield or biting the behavior of unification is really a bit of a tooth itch! It makes people want to ask out loud: “Master Kong, won’t your conscience hurt?!” ”

“Isn’t it about making money now? How does it talk about conscience? ”

Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles on top

Is unification so willing to be chased and beaten? In fact, there are two aspects: Master Kong can’t do unification.

One is crisp noodles.

The most classic is the little raccoon doll noodles,

106 Water Margin cards + 6 villain cards

How many primary and secondary school students across the country were crazy about it at that time!

As long as the card does not eat noodles, secretly saves money to buy, humbly exchanges with classmates …

Jiajia still remembers buying a bag with a small amount of pocket money, rushing home and closing the door, and opening the package excitedly and carefully.

If you get what you want, you can show off happily for a day, and if you get what you don’t like, you think about how to change with your friends.

Now think about it,

Blind box bubble ma

Isn’t this also the truth of special energy popularity?

In contrast, Master Kong’s Little Tigers simply can’t play unification at all.

In fact, Unity has been making crispy noodles since the 80s, except for the Water Margin card, which later published the same explosive Cypriot detective book Little Master Crispy Noodles.

Innovation is the first driving force, and following the trend is rare to find the essence.

The second is Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles.

In 2008, Unity fought a turnaround battle with Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles.

In the instant noodle industry at that time,

Sour and spicy taste

Still blank; Just like braised beef noodles, Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles conquered the north and south.

Undoubtedly, Master Kong immediately followed and launched

“Chen Tan sauerkraut beef noodles”

。 “Chen Tan” sounds really awkward, and it is not as strong as “Old Tan”.

So Master Kong later also changed to Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles,

The packaging color is similar, all are large purple, and even added a panda image to emphasize that their sauerkraut comes from Sichuan.

I was really angry, and I invited Wang Han to advertise and directly satirize Master Kong’s cottage!

The slogan “Somebody imitates my face, and you want to imitate my face” is quite catchy.

In order to fight back, Master Kong invited Xu Zheng and Wang Baoqiang as new spokespersons, focusing on “sauerkraut is cooler”;

The advertisement directly uses “few can’t believe it” to satirize the small amount of sauerkraut in unity.

In addition, Master Kong also uses his strong offline channel advantages to cover a wide range, and there is Master Kong where there is a unified Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles.

When the two are put together, it is actually inconclusive which brand is more delicious, after all, taste is a matter of opinion.

Jiajia feels that the unity is more correct, and the sour strength is easier to make people get on top;

There are also many people who feel that Master Kong’s is better.

Master Kong was not very satisfied, desperately wanting everyone to like only one taste.

Do any friends remember?

The old Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles had ham sausages.

In order to compete for the market, Master Kong did not hesitate to raise the cost to give away ham sausages with the bag, and also satirized the unification of no ham sausages in the advertisement. And reunification clearly leaves no room for refusal.

In the end, the two engaged in a subsidy war that burned 4 billion sausages as giveaways, and each of them was badly damaged and in debt.

Why we don’t really care about fighting, and an extra sausage in instant noodles is very delicious.

Until later found that there was a more convenient and nutritious way to eat a piping hot meal than instant noodles, the instant noodles in my hand were not very fragrant.

“Unification, Master Kong, please pay attention, takeaway is coming!”

Who cut off the financial path of Unification and Master Kong

When Unification and Master Kong were still fully immersed in the struggle, they may not have realized that the crisis was coming.

In 2013, takeaway began to take off.

The most common way for Internet companies to play is also to burn money to subsidize, it doesn’t matter whether you make money at the beginning or not, burn money to spread out the shop, kill the opponent, and finally cut leeks.

Since 2015, the war between Meituan, Baidu and Ele.me has broken out, which is much crazier than the price war of instant noodle manufacturers such as Unification and Master Kong.

We were excited to see it! The first order for free food, grabbing large coupons, sharing red envelopes and other ways have made countless people fall in love with takeaway.

No matter how convenient instant noodles are, they are not as convenient as takeaway to order, which is cheaper than dine-in and hot in hand.

In 2013, the national sales of instant noodles reached 46.22 billion packs, and then began to decline year after year, falling to 38.52 billion packs in 2016.

According to data from Meituan Dianping Research Institute, in 2017, the size of the domestic and foreign sales market reached 205.27 billion, and the scale of online ordering users reached 300 million.

At the time, the argument that takeaway killed instant noodles was everywhere. The word “kill” is a bit shocking, and the conclusion is too hasty.

Takeaway is the important reason, not the only reason!

In this era of consumption upgrading and consumption downgrading, no one laughs at buying 9 pieces and 9 free shipping;

But if you eat instant noodles, it really seems to send a signal that life is difficult.

And green trains are rare, high-speed trains are generally prohibited from eating instant noodles, and high-frequency consumption scenarios have been successfully sniped; In addition, the frequency of bubbles from Japan and South Korea is getting higher and higher for us…

Is the instant noodles or Unification and Master Kong finished?

The surprise of this magical world is often unpredictable.

The pandemic has brought sweetness

The head position of the takeaway industry has been occupied, and this on-demand delivery method has also been integrated into everyone’s life, and it is impossible to give up while complaining.

It is at these times that the subsidies for takeaway are less, the pumping point is higher, the price is more expensive, and leeks begin to be cut,

The instant noodles are fragrant again.

Nielsen data shows that in 2018, instant noodle market sales increased by 3.2% year-on-year, and sales increased by 8% year-on-year. Master Kong’s and unified instant noodle revenue also increased by 5.73% and 5.66% over the same period.

The instant noodle market has begun to pick up, and Master Kong is also trying to label it as high-end.

Unified launched Tang Daren, Master Kong launched Tang Master.

Look, it is still the familiar smell of gunpowder, they are interpreting “life is not only fighting” with practical actions.

The instant noodle market continued to improve in 2019, with a focus on 2020.

The sudden epidemic gave instant noodles the opportunity to become popular again.

Jingdong’s big data shows that from Chinese New Year’s Eve to the first 90 days, the transaction amount of Jingdong’s convenience food increased by 3.5 times, and 15 million packs of instant noodles alone were sold;

Suning big data shows that from February 3 to February 6, the sales volume of instant noodles in Suning small stores soared by 342% month-on-month.

During the Chinese New Year, everyone stays at home to contribute to the country, and many people think about how to cook instant noodles in a hundred ways every day.

Unification and Master Kong sat and enjoyed the success, thinking about how to take revenge on people who did not like to eat shiitake mushroom stewed chicken noodles;

In the first half of 2020, the unified revenue was 11.817 billion yuan, the food business revenue was 5.207 billion yuan, Master Kong’s revenue was 32.934 billion yuan, and the instant noodle business revenue was 14.91 billion yuan.

Instant noodles played a good emergency role during the epidemic.

Now that the impact of the epidemic is gradually fading, the catering industry has long recovered for dine-in takeaway, and it is difficult for the instant noodle industry as a whole to continue to maintain a good momentum.

For the development after the epidemic, unity is obviously rational and realistic, and Master Kong is much more idealistic.

Unified clearly pointed out that with the improvement of the epidemic in China, the sales of instant noodles will return to the normal level;

Master Kong believes that there is still uncertainty in the macro environment, and instant noodles will grow with the recovery of the domestic economy.

Instead of worrying about the future of instant noodle companies, we are more concerned about whether the taste of their new products will work.

After all, instant noodles, a food that has accompanied generations through youth or hard times, will not be abandoned and will be difficult to replace at will.

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