How much does Lancome small powder box air cushion counter cost Is Lancome small powder box air cushion easy to use

Lancome small powder box air cushion is now a new cosmetics on the market, with a very good coverage effect, and fresh and natural, very popular with young friends. that

How much does Lancome small powder box air cushion counter cost

Is it easy to use? Let’s take a look.

Is the Lancôme small powder box air cushion good


The packaging shell is plastic all over and has an average texture. The weight is lightweight, and it is easy to carry in the bag. The puff is soft to the touch, has high skin affinity, fine pores, and is strong enough to grab powder each time, and the makeup is even.


The liquid is fine and smooth, and after 2-3 seconds of application, it will blend into the skin!!!! Touch a little bit of powder is woody, this is very dry, it is recommended to try the oil skin.

But if you have dry areas on your face, don’t think the air cushion is liquid and try to suppress the cracking and peeling, you will regret it… After 5-6 hours of wearing makeup, the parts with severe makeup removal are the nose head, the person neutralizes the nose wings, the triangle under the eyes and the outer ring of the nose are all okay, all within the acceptable range. Sure enough, the drier ones are longer-lasting!

Lancome small powder box air cushion counter price

Reference price: 420 yuan

Lancôme’s new small powder box air cushion is really amazing! At the beginning, I was completely fascinated by the appearance of the powder, but I completely fell in love with it after using it once, which is simply breaking the concept of traditional air cushions!

In fact, Lancome’s air cushion sales have been good, I bought one before, and I often talk about cosmetics among my girlfriends, because my air cushion is a little more than I haven’t bought for a long time, but this new limited edition air cushion is simply beautiful, pink is also the mainstream color of this year, plus the same makeup of last week’s winter rain, for high value and good reputation also to start!

Lancôme is a big French brand that we are familiar with, and her air cushions have always been a hot seller. Is Lancôme small powder box air cushion good? How much? Described below.

How about Lancôme air cushion puffs

Lancôme Air Cushion CC Cream comes with a puff made of insulating polyurethane and specially designed to perfectly match the texture of the skin. The cleverly designed load-bearing structure allows only the optimum amount of liquid to be picked up on the surface of the puff each time it is used. The air cushion, lotion texture and puff are specially designed to produce a synergistic effect, and the liquid CC cream touches the skin epidermis with the heat insulation material puff, and part of the water and essential oils volatilize and take away the skin heat, and the refreshing and transparent feeling immediately wraps the skin. In terms of application techniques, Lancôme Air Cushion CC Cream has created a variety of application techniques, 1 box of Air Cushion CC Cream to create a variety of different makeup effects, simple techniques and packaging design so that women do not have the worry of staining clothes or soiling their fingers, helping women easily cope with all occasions.

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