At the top of the cost performance, HIFIMAN released the first neck-mounted sports Bluetooth headset, BW400 experience

Nowadays, wireless headphones are blooming everywhere, and all kinds of large brands and small brand headphone manufacturers have entered, making the wireless headphone market very saturated. Wireless headphones of different shapes and prices on the market constantly impact our visual nerves, dazzling us and unable to start. Recently, the author has planned to buy a sports neckband Bluetooth headset, but the saturated market makes it impossible for the author to start. At this time, the author has been paying attention to HIFIMAN (Heifeman), released a sports neckband Bluetooth headset HIFIMAN BW400, which has never set foot in this type of wireless Bluetooth headset before. But as soon as the new product was released, it made the author’s eyes shine! Because this BW400 not only forms a great price contrast with its nano flat diaphragm headphones that cost more than 10,000, but also in terms of sound quality, appearance and selection of materials, it is very attentive and cost-effective.


After receiving this HIFIMAN BW400, the author saw that it was an outer packaging consisting of a cardboard sleeve and a black box that echoed blue and white. On the front of the white cardboard sleeve is printed with the physical picture of the neckband Bluetooth headset BW400, the side is marked with the brand logo, and the back is a brief introduction to the highlights and technical parameters of this neckband Bluetooth headset.

After the author removed the white cardboard cover, I saw the black box including the cover, the whole is pure black as the main color, with a shiny silver brand logo on the front, and the opening method is to open it in a clamshell style, so that we have a sense of surprise when opening gifts!

The BW400 comes with a neck-mounted Bluetooth headset, three pairs of silicone sleeves, a USB charging cable, instruction manual and warranty card.


This BW400 is on sale with obsidian and dark night green, the author started with dark night green, the whole is green as the main color, the ear wings use color black, the two rich colors blend with each other to present a more atmospheric, calm high-end quality. On the control module on the right side of the headset, there are volume up, minus and power keys, we press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on and off, and on the side of the module is the USB charging interface. The power button on the module, you can also tap once to answer/hang up the call, in the process of listening to music, you can also operate the switch of music through the module, long press the two-second volume plus key to switch to the next song, two-second volume down key to switch to the previous song, simple and convenient.

This sporty neckband Bluetooth headset HIFIMAN BW400 has a soft collar with memory, using skin-like material, making the softness of memory metal very large. Whether we cramble into bags, pockets or pose intricate shapes, it can bounce back and recover quickly. It also adopts the curved shape and lightweight design of ergonomic design, so that we can wear it more closely to the human body, and not only can it be more firm and comfortable when moving. The weight of only 23 grams is also extremely lightweight when we wear it, making our music no longer a burden when we exercise!

The overall body of this headset adopts IPX4 waterproof and dustproof material, which is not afraid of sweat and rain, and can be lightly shuttled in various sports scenes. Equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the headset and our mobile phone have the intrinsic characteristics of boot seconds, continuous connection, ultra-low latency, and long-distance transmission of ten meters. It also allows us to have high-definition calls, no longer miss an important conversation, and can accurately express our thoughts.

Audition: In the author’s song list, a piece of music was randomly played for audition, and this BW400 perfectly follows the good sound quality of HIFMAN’s home! During the audition process, the high, middle and low of the human voice and the sound emitted by the instrument have a good sense of layering and position. It is perfectly harmonized and presents a pleasant singing voice, allowing us to swim in the ocean of music. It has a one-step tuning optimization for the application scenario, so that it has a sound and density comparable to that of large headphones, and has excellent performance in low-frequency quality, transient performance and dynamic range.

There is also a passive noise cancellation technology of 22dB, which allows us to talk very clearly in noisy scenes, and the music sound can be undisturbed. For enthusiasts, a wireless Bluetooth headset is also a point to consider in terms of battery life, and the endurance of this BW400 is decent. It takes about 2.5 hours to get a full battery life, ten hours of continuous listening to music when fully charged, up to 110 hours of standby time when not in use, and 12 hours of continuous talk function. It is enough for our daily commutes and short trips. If you are on a long-term journey or business trip, you can choose to wear its matching USB charging cable, which can be used for a battery life in the case of insufficient power to ensure the continuous output of our music.

Overall, at a price of less than 200 meters, HIFIMAN has shown the greatest sincerity, and the BW400 not only has a lovely appearance. In terms of materials, we also did not hesitate to use IPX4 waterproof material, Bluetooth 5.0 chip, ergonomic curved shape that fits the comfort of the human body, and a featherweight weight of only 23 grams. These equipment allows him to exceed its own value, HIFIMAN pricing is so close to the people, just so that more audiophiles and sports who like to listen to music can enjoy ultra-high sound quality at a lower price.

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