High-waisted wide-leg shorts with long legs that stand out minute by minute

Summer is coming, the season of baring legs is coming again, hold back for a winter, don’t you hurry up to release yourself~ Are the little fairies still worried about their figures~ After all, the perfect body of the models is not everyone ha~ Today I will introduce you to a god pants – high-waist wide-leg shorts, wear it, long legs will show off in minutes!

Wide-leg shorts, not only cool and refreshing, but also more fashionable, if you always wear skirts, others will inevitably have visual fatigue, occasionally change clothes, will also give people a different feeling Oh.

1. Ruffled wide-leg shorts

Elegant and romantic ruffles are a favorite decorative element of fashionable wear. Ruffles can be casually touched and look at the whole body, interpreting a tenderness like water. Full of girlish mood with a sense of design, wearing the body seems to be back to eighteen years old, instantly from a mature girl to a young beautiful girl!

2. Irregular wide-leg shorts

The trend is dominant, how to grasp the pulse of fashion, let yourself dress well out on the street, is a girl in the pursuit of the goal and direction, the weather has gradually become hot, look at the street photos of major fashion bloggers, you can find that irregular wide-leg shorts have begun to appear in front of everyone’s eyes.

3. Pleated wide-leg shorts

The most indispensable item in spring and summer every year is the pleated skirt, which can be cute and cute and cold and cold, and they are always featured in the best street photos of fashion week.

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