The mid-turtleneck vest-style traditional vest is much more fashionable than the daddy vest, and it’s not too late to wear it

I believe that many girls wear vests, this style of clothes can be said from many girls when they were young, until they grew up, every girl wears vests, but traditional vests will also feel very tired after wearing them for a long time, but it doesn’t matter, you can choose a turtleneck vest for yourself to wear.

Compared with domestic girls, many foreign girls wear vests no less often than domestic girls, so many girls also have a lot of color vests in their wardrobes, but traditional vests do not seem to be so fashionable, so you can try to choose a turtleneck vest for yourself to wear.

LOOK1: Casual loose style medium turtleneck vest

Many female celebrities will wear this kind of high-end clothes when attending the event, and the vest worn by Zhao Liying in the photo is a medium and high neck vest, and the light blue color scheme and unique style design make her look particularly eye-catching.

The loose style of the turtleneck vest has always been a high-end sense of clothing, and this style of vest also has many styles of design, checkered print mid-neck vest is not rare, but every time you see it will not feel tired, every time it makes people feel very fashionable.

LOOK2: Tight style mid-turtleneck vest

Of course, the middle turtleneck vest is the same as other clothes, since there is a loose style, then there must be a tight style, the tight style of the turtleneck vest is more inclined to highlight the girl’s sexy charm, of course, if you choose a color solid color style, it will look more attractive.

When wearing a mid-turtleneck vest, we can also wear a pair of denim ultra-shorts on the lower body like a casual short-sleeved T-shirt, which not only makes you look slender legs, but the most important thing is that the sexiness definitely does not drop but increases.

When wearing a mid-turtleneck vest, you can not only match denim super shorts, but also choose a hip-wrapped skirt for yourself to wear, but in the opinion of the beautiful sister, if you wear it with a hip-wrapping skirt, it will look a little mature (showing old), and it is not very suitable for girls in their twenties.

When worn with a long skirt, a mid-turtleneck vest can also present an extraordinary charm, especially for girls with a strong temperament, which can definitely make you look more fashionable and attractive.

Many mid-turtleneck vests are also navel-baring designs, this style of design can allow girls to show their attractive abdomen very well, if you wear with trousers, although the sexiness is not as strong as with super shorts, but the fashion is also very strong.

The black style of the turtleneck vest should be the most basic style, so for this basic style of the turtleneck vest, we should match it with the basic style of jeans, as for denim trousers or shorts, this depends on your hobbies and choices.

Although the mid-turtleneck tank top with super shorts will look more sexy, but not all girls match it this way, and some girls will choose to match it with trousers, and the upper body with a casual jacket, so it is also a good choice.

Now it is very popular to layer, this style of wearing can give people a very strong sense of visual impact, but if you want to make this visual impact more intense, we should put some effort into the color of the matching clothes, as long as the color is good, the overall look will not be ugly.

Wearing a mid-turtleneck vest and flared pants together, this matching method is very common in foreign countries, this matching style is more suitable for very mature girls, mature girls will not look very ugly.

LOOK3: Crooked neck style medium turtleneck vest

If you usually like to wear trousers, we can also match it with trousers when we wear a mid-turtleneck vest, but the premise is that the style of the trousers must be similar to the mid-high neck vest, otherwise the overall effect will be greatly reduced.

A mid-turtleneck vest with a crooked neck design like this is also very suitable for slightly mature girls, and whether you match it with trousers or super shorts, it can show the mature atmosphere of girls well.

If you like wearing a tank top, choose a turtleneck tank top this summer, which can not only set off your mature atmosphere, but also be sexy now.

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