The fashionable and skinny big-mouthed monkey joint “ice silk pants” swept this summer, and it is not expensive!

Summer is the season for the “leg spirits”.

Compared with European and American women, 80% of Asian girls are pear-shaped bodies, obviously not fat, but thick legs!

A girl who sits in the office for a long time, will also

This causes fat accumulation in the thighs and buttocks, which is drooping and loose

, Not only is it ugly to wear pants, but also looks old!

Fashion bloggers recommend skinny and fashionable pants every year, and after practicing them, they find that fairy tales are all deceptive!

They say that wearing wide-leg pants is like this ↓

As a result, we put it on like this ↓

However, there are usually such troubles

“Big hip width”

The body characteristics, in fact, not all wide-leg pants, wearing will not look good, when choosing wide-leg pants

Note the following:

Whether you are O-type, X-shaped, XO-shaped legs or small thick leg muscle valgus type, wearing it is “I” type long legs ~ giant display height ~

Wide-leg pants can be said to be

Almost everyone has a wardrobe, but since this spring, all pants have gradually been replaced by pleated ice silk fabric.

After all, it is really the only pants that can perfectly accommodate all kinds of leg shapes and cool pants, and all kinds of fashion combinations can be worn at hand

Easily become a hipster.

Heart! But it doesn’t look good? Nope! Ice silk wide-leg pants are actually easy to wear and high-end, and they have a very good attitude when they are worn, and they cover the elephant’s legs in a second.

Today, Peach sincerely recommends to everyone a huge and good-looking wide-leg pants. The test is quite cost-effective among so many pairs of wide-leg pants that I have bought –

【Bigmouth Monkey Ice Silk Wide Leg Pants】

Paulfrank Largemouth Monkey

Everyone is no stranger, international well-known brands, style youthful vitality, trendy fashion, is a lot of young fashionable people often buy brands, many large shopping malls have his counters.

Many celebrities also often wear their clothes, and I bought several when I was in college.

The quality is good enough to be worn for years.

His family items are generally around a few hundred, even if it is the discount season, the minimum pants is generally more than a hundred.

And this ice silk wide-leg pants, simply for everyone to get the cabbage price cooperation price, buy now, one

Only 69RMB, 2 pieces only 99 yuan!

Reason for recommendation:

(1) A trouser tube that is long enough and wide enough can cover all the shortcomings of the leg shape.

(2) The waistband of the trousers just hangs on the crotch to create a lazy and sexy weapon.

(3) Soft enough fabric to create a perfect body shape looming.

Shirts, t-shirts, suspenders, suits are OK!

Sandals, slippers, sneakers, small white shoes, and single shoes can hold up! Don’t pick people at all, you can wear it for all occasions~

[Hide the elephant’s legs in one second, showing 20 pounds thin]

Although wide-leg pants are treasures, there are many styles, and it is not possible to show the length of the legs by wearing them casually.

This is also why others wear one meter eight, and you wear dwarf winter melon~

▼ If the trouser leg is too short, it will appear short, and too long and fat is also a disaster

So when Peach chose this ice silk wide-leg pants, it really blew it up for the first time. It’s like giving it to your legs

“Invisible Heightening Magic”

Wide-leg pants to wear really

Giant cover meat, small thick legs, false span width, large butt, leg shape is not straight, wear it all can be covered!

If yours

False crotch width is severe

, the thickness of the upper and lower legs is different, slightly X legs. The fitting effect is obvious, it’s like changing legs!

From the back, it also looks like a different person, originally full of fat and the line is not excellent enough, because the ice silk wide-leg pants have a good drape and are ugly

The meat is swept away!

No matter how developed the calf muscles are, they are

Can be easily covered.

Extra thoughtful use

High-waisted strap design

, not only can cover your small tummy, but also adjust the size of your waistline. It is not only easy to put on and take off, but also well embellished with the details of the trousers.

Wide-leg pants can be used both in hiding flesh and thin or easy to match, and in summer, it can also protect against the sun, so this one

It’s really a wardrobe must~




The effect of wearing ordinary jeans and ice silk wide-leg pants is completely two body types.

problems such as wide hips, large buttocks, thick thighs, and curved legs exposed by jeans; It also seems that the whole person is short and stocky, but these problems are in

Wide-leg pants don’t exist here.

This ice silk “high-waisted wide-leg” pants design hides flesh

The effect is excellent

, properly cover the imperfections of various body shapes,

Raise the waistline.

As the saying goes:

“All legs from the chest down”

It really matters if you have experienced that you will wear!

Of course, with this ice silk wide-leg pants, you no longer have to bother to find an angle when taking photos, and you can shoot with long legs~

The legs are as long as the waist line is. The same high-waisted pants, but ice silk pants

Smooth and soft

, the waist line can be infinitely lifted up, and the leg length of 2M is not a dream.

Straight legs and wide legs, coupled with the flowing texture of ice silk, the petite mother can also wear a sense of 1.8 meters;

With it, it is not an exaggeration to walk with the wind. It’s all A and sassy when you wear it casually.

A lid of dangling material

, no one can see you 120 pounds! Clothing is also automatically upgraded by several levels.


【Exclusive fabric, the upper body is immediately cool 5°】

After putting it on, it is loose and wide, and it is not the slightest

I don’t feel the bondage I put on

, Unlike other pants, a little sweat in summer, the pant leg is sticky to the leg, very uncomfortable.

The ice silk fabric with a cool cooling effect looks and feels great from the outside

Cool and breathable

, Follow the pace together smartly, walk with the wind!

It is also very thin in the hand, there is no weight, you can really feel the coolness, go out and wear it

The more through the cooler.

In addition to the cooling sensation, another feature is:

Moisture absorption and breathability

, not stuffy, wear only on the body

Slippery, cool

Feeling, not sticky hot at all;

Walking on the street, a gust of wind blows over the feeling, just three words:

Too! Refreshing! Finish!

Isn’t wearing shorts and skirts in summer just to cool down?

When put on, these wide-leg pants are cooler than shorts and short skirts, more comfortable, and comfortable, too

It’s hard not to strangle the flesh.

The material has also passed the national test, delicate and thin, does not hurt the skin, and is more durable; Absolutely reliable in terms of quality.

[Cut at will, do not loosen edges, do not take off the line]

Get the pants and cut them however you want, and you don’t have to worry about loose edges and threads after cutting!

It still maintains a perfect drape.

Do a little experiment and cut it yourself

It really doesn’t fall loose and doesn’t peel off

The elasticity is still the same

Even if you use scissors, it will not pill or hook.

At the same time, it is also wrinkle resistant, and it will not be deformed no matter how it is twisted.

No matter what body shape, just wear it,

80 jin – 130 jin can be

Wear, gold 3:7 ratio can also get, and wear it is very beautiful~

Good match this is a must have drop! You can easily win without concave styling, and you can’t go wrong with how to match it~ Never say that the clothes don’t match the pants! Paul Frank Bigmouth Monkey Ice Pants:

The original price was 99 yuan / piece, and now the headline shopping festival only needs 68↓↓↓

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Bigmouth monkey ice silk cropped women’s pants



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