Shake Jiangcheng Easyhome Wuhan Baishazhou Home Life Mall Opening Celebration was grandly opened

On November 27, 2021, the much-anticipated “Easyhome Wuhan Baishazhou Home Life Mall Opening Ceremony” was grandly held in Wuhan, and the elites of the home building materials industry and friends from major mainstream media attended and witnessed this historic moment.

Xie Wenqiao, president of Hubei Furniture Association, delivered a speech

Lu Zhizhong, general manager of Easyhome Hubei Branch, delivered a speech

At 10:08 a.m., the opening ceremony kicked off on time amid the sound of gongs and drums: Xie Wenqiao, President of Hubei Furniture Association, Wang Bin, Chairman of Hezhong Company, Liu Hengbin, President of Wuhan Decorative Building Materials and Home Development Chamber of Commerce, and Lu Zhizhong, General Manager of Easyhome Hubei Branch, attended the ceremony. At the same time, Sophia, Chivas Shi, Marco Polo, Gujia, Wrigley, Xilinmen, Left and Right, Nobel, Jiumu, Shuda, Mousse, Nature, Hengjie, Shengxiang, Dream Lily, Simmons, Jinkeer, M&D, Baby Rabbit, Fangtai, Boss, Gree, Haier, Midea, Siemens, Fismian, Linnei, Hitachi, Angel, Laoxiang Chicken, McDonald’s, Baishang Supermarket, Vivo, Suning and other home and life brand owners also attended the scene. Witness the opening of the Easyhome Wuhan Baishazhou Home Life Mall.

Easyhome has been deeply cultivated in Hubei for more than ten years, always adhering to the “big home” as the main business, “making life happy and simple” as the corporate mission, with service, word of mouth and strict and perfect rules and regulations to establish the absolute leading position in the industry in Hubei; With every service and every detail, we have left in the hearts of customers the consumption concept of “installing a house, buying a house, online and offline, I will come to Easyhome”.

Easyhome Wuhan Baisha Zhou Home Life Mall is the sixth branch of Hubei Branch Wuhan and the first home life mall in Wuhan, as a key project to transform and integrate into large home and consumption, it has accumulated rich experience for the successful transformation of Easyhome’s business format. Wuhan Baishazhou Home Life Mall commercial complex project, with a construction area of more than 50,000 square meters, the building structure is one underground floor and five floors above ground, located at the intersection of Baisha Chau Avenue and Baisha Third Road, occupying the central position of the livable living area of Baishazhou, committed to creating a shopping center with home building materials as the main business, large family consumption ecosystem and one-stop children’s growth, filling the regional commercial gap, wholeheartedly providing customers with a warm, comfortable, safe and secure consumption place. And committed to becoming the new commercial center of Wuhan Baishazhou.

Before Easyhome moved in, the local home life mall in Baisha Chau had been blank for a long time. The emergence of Easyhome not only fills the market gap, but also implements a full-format business model on the basis of the main home building materials, with family consumption as the platform, and touches the entertainment consumption sector for the first time, and the business categories cover life supermarkets, boutique department store retail, living facilities, children’s entertainment, smart home, food space, leisure and entertainment and other aspects, which is a one-stop commercial complex that truly realizes “eating, drinking, and Tesco”.

Easyhome Wuhan Baishazhou Home Life Mall will rely on a high-quality shopping environment, integrate top brands at home and abroad, and carry a perfect service concept to create a veritable new center for one-stop consumption experience of home building materials, meet the shopping needs of Baishazhou home and living market, and provide consumers with more professional services!

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