You won’t protect your camera for so many years? Teach you 6 tips to protect your camera

Most people know how valuable cameras and lenses are, but many people only know a little bit about how to protect them, especially novice photographers. Here are six rules for protecting your camera, and I’ll teach you!

1. The camera instruction manual has to be read

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Many people do not want to understand the operation of some cameras can dispose of the manual at will, many SLR buttons and various functions are in the manual with detailed instructions, or it is better to read the manual.

2. The camera shoulder strap is another protective belt

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How can a camera be left without shoulder straps? Especially for people like me with sweaty hands, this is an extra camera protection, hands sweaty is easy to slip, hands slip is difficult to grasp the camera, and the camera shoulder straps are standard, the first thing the camera does when the camera comes to hand is to tie the camera shoulder strap to avoid hand slip! And I have a habit of often checking whether the shoulder straps are strong enough, because if I have bought a shoulder strap online, it is easy to loosen, and wear and tear will also cause the shoulder strap to fall, and it is also a good habit to check the shoulder strap every time you shoot!

3. UV mirrors are not only UV mirrors

The previous lens needs to install a UV lens to solve the ultraviolet reflection, and now the lens and do not need a UV mirror can also be solved, but the UV mirror still needs to be installed, just like the mobile phone film, the price of the lens can be much more expensive than the mobile phone, install the UV lens can avoid lens scratches, oil stains and so on.

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You can also protect the lens when landing outside the lens, although there will not be much protection, but the cushioning capacity is still there, and the UV lens can not be ignored!

4. Try not to change the lens in the wind and sand place

Strictly speaking, although the current SLR and the lens have a certain dustproof design, but in the place with wind and sand or when the wind is relatively strong, it is risky to replace the lens, improper operation makes the inside of the lens into dust and sand, etc., no scratches are good, scratches are very troublesome.

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In addition, replace the lens as much as possible to turn off the power, if the power supply of the fuselage is not turned off, the photosensitive element is still in the state of power storage, which will increase the risk of dust. You can get into the habit of turning off the power whenever you change lenses.

5. Clean up the camera and camera bag

Everyone pays more attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the camera, not only the photosensitive elements and lenses of the camera, but also the cleaning of the camera bag is also more important.

Not only should we remember to take good care of our camera with a camera cleaning kit at a certain time, but we must also develop the cleaning habit of cleaning the camera bag in time. Otherwise, no matter how clean the camera is, the bag is always dirty, and the clean camera is still white when placed in the dirty bag.

6. If you do not use it for a long time, you should remove the battery

Household remote controls have instructions, this product should be taken out when not used for a long time, not to mention high-precision equipment such as SLR, even if it is turned off, it will not be used for a long time, it will consume some power, thereby shortening the life of the battery.

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Well, let’s talk about this side today, and next time we will share DSLR tips.


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