I found you a 155cm fashion blogger and taught you to wear boots like this to look tall

hey girls~

Yesterday I shared with you the 3 daily makeup I most often draw in autumn and winter, there are actually very few babies to see, I am all heartbroken, the baby who has not seen it quickly pokes the picture below to look back, call me ~

(Poke the picture to see back)

Recently, I have seen boots planting grass, but this time they are “suitable for small people” boots, and there are many babies asking if small people can wear knee boots.

I repeat it here!!!

Break off! Right! Can! In order to!

In the previous over-the-knee boot review, there were also 30 pairs of over-the-knee boots for rough planting

Is there still a baby Ang who has not seen it!

I’ll turn it over for you right away

In fact, small babies feel that they can’t find a suitable one, mainly because they don’t know how to wear over-the-knee boots to show height, and how to wear them to have a visual sense of 170.

So today I found an example of dressing

Wendy Nguyen, a 155-tall fashion blogger who loves boots

Use her outfit to summarize for you some of the rules for wearing over-the-knee boots for small girls, with several recommended over-the-knee boots.

If you want to see more recommended babies with over-the-knee boots, remember to poke the links to the above 30 over-the-knee boots straw sheets, and you will definitely be able to pick the one that suits you~

(The following images are from Instagram: Wendyslookbook and the Internet)

1. Choose a style with medium high heel + pointed toe

Choosing a mid-high heel is the most intuitive way to show your height, while the pointed toe model lengthens the toes and lengthens the leg line. If you are not used to wearing high heels, you can choose a mid-heel model of about 5 cm.

2. Choose a tight model that wraps the legs tightly

If the barrel is too wide, the center of gravity of the eye is shifted down, resulting in a feeling of “light head and heavy feet”, which not only appears short, but also appears that the whole person is very bulky. Especially babies with a fuller lower body should pay more attention to this.

3. Choose a style that is over the knee

Small babies are best to choose over-the-knee boots with a tube length of about ten centimeters above the knee, which will correct the leg shape and show the length of the leg length.

Wendy Great Fairy also tried boots below the knee and felt emmm… The legs seem to be shorter…

1. The principle of “exposed flesh”

Whether you use shorts and skirts or long sweaters to match boots, the bottom of the garment and the middle of the cuff need to be exposed, which lengthens the body proportions and adds a sense of fashion.

2. The principle of “wide top and narrow bottom”

It is best to choose a loose sweater, sweatshirt, or a shawl and jacket with bat sleeves, and when needed, you can also add a woolen scarf with a strong sense of expansion to create a “top-heavy” feeling, which will appear very thin legs.

3. The principle of “raising the waistline”

To raise the waistline, the main thing is to choose to match it with tight high-waisted jeans, leggings or a coat or dress with a belt.

(Note that this combination also requires choosing over-the-knee boots that fit snugly to the legs.) )

High-waisted jeans are a high-end weapon, and with over-the-knee boots, the leg line extends from the waist to the toes.

The same goes for belted coats and dresses.

See here you all get the key point of dressing~

Next, give the little girls a few affordable over-the-knee boots

Ruxi 2017 new suede boots

Reference price: 199

This one is relatively high, the suede looks very high-grade, and the tube height is also very suitable for small children, which is very decorative.

【Ruxi Boots Women’s Over-the-Knee Boots Children’s Winter 2017 New High Tube Block Heel SW5050 Stretch Versatile Korean Version】http://a.qsbmc.com/h.CyCrCP Click the link and select the browser to open; Or copy this message ¥sQGR0RHr1y3¥ and open Hand Tao

Matte lace-up over-the-knee boots

Reference price: 190

The design of the strap not only lengthens the leg line, but also adjusts the elasticity, so it is not afraid of falling off the barrel, and it is one that can be held no matter what leg shape.

【Autumn and winter pointed toe block heeled long thigh boots stretch matte lace-up super long SW5050 over-the-knee boots women】http://m.qtilg.com/h.CBqxbp Click the link and select Browser to open; Or copy this message ¥taOi0Rt9m0Y¥ and open Hand Tao

European and American knitted point-toe stiletto boots

Reference price: 168

Because it is sock boots, it will completely wrap the legs, super warm one, the thin heel is also very feminine, suitable for mature babies who have already worked~

【European and American knitted stocking boots women’s autumn and winter thin heel, pointed toe over-the-knee boots, high heel, skinny leg stretch boots, stocking boots】http://j.yoafj.com/h.CBhyod Click the link, and then select the browser to open; Or copy this message ¥MwIy0RtXFKe¥ and open HandShop

honeyGIRL’s new women’s boots for fall/winter 2017

Reference price: 289

Mirror heels are also liked by many fashionistas, and they have a strong sense of fashion. If you feel that monochrome is too monotonous, you can choose this one.

[The baby I want to buy (honeyGIRL2017 Fall/Winter New Women’s Shoes Block Heeled Women’s Boots Stretch Boots Socks Over-the-Knee Boots High Heeled Boots), come and share the bonus I bag with me http://a.qsbmc.com/h.CBLBnb Click the link and select Browser to open; Or copy this message ¥gO9C0RtQ4nm¥ and open Hand Tao

Glossy leather over-the-knee boots

Reference price: 298

The shiny material will be eye-catching at any time~ But when babies choose this material, don’t choose just below the knees, otherwise…. It’s embarrassing in case someone asks you why you’re wearing rain boots.

[The baby I have to buy with chopping hands (autumn and winter new boots women’s over-the-knee boots glossy cow patent leather leather slim mid-heeled boots high-heeled elastic boots), come and share the bonus I bag with me http://z.oiax6.com/h.Cz5Lm8 Click the link and select Browser to open; Or copy this message ¥M7tW0RGYzjk¥ and open Hand Tao

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