In addition to “raising cattle”, you can also raise a belt? Life around the waist is controlled by a belt, and if you love jeans, you have to love it

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It is said that the people who follow me are getting more and more handsome.

Since you chose jeans, you are naturally full of feelings

In your wardrobe, there will definitely be a pair of jeans that will accompany you for a long time.

When I was still enjoying the comfort of sweatpants, the male classmates around me gradually put on jeans, and I think back to when I dragged my mother into the mall and asked to buy me a pair of jeans, the excitement and tension persisted around me.

Those jeans have been with me for many years, and even though they are tattered, they are still safely stored in the closet at home.

This is the charm of jeans, because jeans are extremely wear-resistant, they are still strong if you can be rough, and even well-maintained can witness your entire student years.

And this specific wear resistance of denim fabrics gives it a unique beauty:

As you wear friction and folds with your daily habits, you’ll leave your own unique drop on your jeans.

This also appears the verb “raise”, naturally in the clothing matching, if you want to wear an innocent style, then the related items naturally need to have such conditions.

The belt that goes with jeans is such a presence.

What belt do jeans go with?

I believe that many people do not pay much attention to the problem of matching jeans and belts, but the waist life is mastered by the belt, and the universal headlines must have the answer you want.

Click on the search card below to search for “what belt do jeans wear with” to find the match you need.

Seemingly insignificant accessories become the biggest failure of your whole body when you don’t use them well.

The belt has a good role in dividing the golden body, and the proportion in the matching is small, but the proportion is large. You have to pay attention.

1. Handmade copper buckle classic finished belt

Excellent leather, copper buckle, pure handmade is the most basic requirements of this type of belt, this is also the most classic American belt.

Relatively speaking, this kind of belt has some distressed effects, the overall design is very simple, and the matching is simple, which is more suitable for vintage novices.

Second, the primary color vegetable tanned leather belt

Vegetable tanning leather is mainly a type of leather products obtained by the main tanning of plant tanning agents, which are generally relatively solid and have better molding performance.

This type of custom belt is a favorite of many cattle breeders and is usually suitable for enthusiasts with a strong sense of feeling, because over time, the belt produces unique patterns and color changes, which is a unique aesthetic.

3. Personalized decorative belts

This kind of belt we usually see in American Westerns, such as the type man roaring by on a motorcycle, or the cowboy riding a horse in a small western town, they will often have such a belt around their waist.

This type of belt will pay more attention to decorations, such as rivets, leather carvings, colors and other elements, which is a good choice for pursuing fashion and highlighting personality.

4. Silver haute couture belts

People who play cowboys will definitely play leather goods, and people who play leather goods are bound to be inseparable from silver jewelry.

This kind of belt is basically a product that goes beyond the functionality of the belt, and most of the people who choose this type of belt are hardcore Ami Kaji players, and people who are very poisonous in silver jewelry.

The main thing is that there must be enough silver in your pocket!

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