Pleated skirts are outdated, and now the “woolen skirt” is popular, elegant and temperamental

Although there is a severe cold temperature in winter, it cannot stop girls who love beauty from choosing skirts, and various dresses and skirts are still “good helpers” for girls to create various fashionable shapes.

Among them, the skirt is more suitable for winter, giving full play to the practicality of wearing more than one dress, and a skirt can create a variety of fashionable shapes, showing temperament and lightness.

Winter styling requires not only “temperature”, but also “grace”. Swapping trousers for a skirt is more elegant, and the skirt doesn’t have to be cold, the skirt of woolen fabric is both warm and temperamental, and the hard and stylish fabric can hide the flesh and show thinness.

Pleated skirts are outdated, and now the “woolen skirt” is popular, elegant and temperamental. Therefore, the theme of this issue is naturally the woolen skirt, and here are four to see if there is one that suits you~

1. Tweed A-line skirt

When choosing a skirt, you first need to look at the fit, and many girls may choose according to their own preferences. In fact, the fit will not only determine the style slightly different, but also determine the modification of the body after the upper body, fat and thin are determined by the fit.

In particular, the fabric of the woolen skirt is hard and stylish, which means that the effect of hiding the flesh will be better, the lower body is slightly fat, the legs are thick, the hips are wide, and the leg shape is not straight, these problems can be modified by the woolen skirt. The first thing that Sister Cat recommends is the woolen A-line skirt.

The effect of the A-line shape is like the A-line, gradually widening from the waist to the skirt, and the contour of the woolen fabric is slightly clearer, there is no soft collapse and invisible effect, and the general leg problems can be modified. Combined with the design of the high waist, the waist will be particularly thin, and then the shortcomings of the legs will be hidden, playing a role in promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

Here the cat sister also has a little suggestion, if the legs are thick, it is recommended to choose a long tweed A-line skirt that is over the knee, the leg line is fully hidden, and the maximum play is the role of thinness. At the same time, it can also look dignified and elegant, and it looks good with coats and down jackets.

2. Tweed straight skirt

The straight fit can be said to be decent, although it does not have the strong finishing effect of the A-line skirt, but it is not weak. Refer to the tweed straight skirt in the figure below, the overall line sense is vertical and smooth, if the leg shape is not straight, then choose the mid-barrel version.

The thinning effect is mainly for the thick calf, the length of the tweed straight skirt is selected so that it is just the length of the calf belly, covering the thickest part of the calf, and combining smooth lines can play a thin effect.

In terms of style, it is also cleaner than other halfes, and it is quite high-class and formal with a clear sense of silhouette. Office workers, if there is no strict dress code in the workplace. Choosing a tweed straight skirt with a jacket with a clear silhouette such as a suit or coat can highlight the high-end formality and simply create a commuting look.

3. Tweed solid color skirt

Secondly, you need to look at the color and design of the woolen skirt, wearing Xiaobai to choose a simple and solid color woolen skirt is not wrong, simple and atmospheric, do not have to think too much when matching, simply can wear the temperament.

However, in the choice of color, it is recommended to choose neutral colors, the basic color of black, white and gray, as well as gentle and textured khaki, earth tones, can be simple without errors. The fabric of the wool highlights the noble temperament.

If you feel that the solid color is too boring and want to combine the design to enrich it, as long as the design is not too fancy, it is recommended to choose. The picture below is a perfect demonstration, the pure black woolen skirt is simple and advanced, but the embellishment of the metal button immediately makes the skirt become alive, no longer rigid and monotonous, and the whole reveals a simple and not simple atmosphere.

4. Tweed check skirt

Compared with the simplicity of solid colors, tweed skirts with classic elements will be more high-end and the visual effect will be richer. Classic elements have stood the test of time, and they will not go out of style at any time, and when combined with the skirt, it will bring a retro, high-end sense of fashion, and the woolen check skirt is such a existence.

Take a look at this woolen check skirt in the picture below, the neatly arranged check highlights a full sense of regularity, neat and not messy, and the sense of luxury is on a higher level.

There are just two things to note. First, it is more recommended that you choose a small check, which is relatively closely arranged, presenting a delicate and delicate fashion effect, playing a high-end sense of classic elements, and the difficulty of control is not high. The large check will visually have a sense of expansion, which is prone to appear fat, so it is more difficult to control.

The second point is the problem of matching, compared to simple and solid color how to wear it, woolen check skirt needs simple solid color underwear and jacket to avoid fancy feeling.

Well, that’s it for this issue about the woolen skirt, which woolen skirt do you think looks the best?

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