Korea’s new Song Hye-kyo Mei classic black and white striped simple and versatile loose and slim cotton short-sleeved T-shirt

Striped short-sleeved ❗️ T is back from last year to this year ❗️

Qiao Mei is also wearing the same style

This year will still be on your annual favorites list!

Size Shoulder width 45.5, sleeve length 24.5, bust 107 Length 63.5

Made of 230g cotton, the fabric has been pre-shrunk and washed, the texture is super soft and breathable, it is a pleasure to wear in summer, and it is comfortable to wear and sleep.

【Yes!】 !️

The side seam stripes are all aligned processes. This not only requires alignment during stitching, but also the step of cutting from large cloth, so the man-hours and cost of a striped garment are much higher than those of solid color styles.

Our exclusive clothes, in terms of details, I am looking for meticulous perfection! Good stuff visible to the naked eye.

Black threaded neckline The inner collar strip runs from the back of the collar to the shoulders for better styling.

: There is a small embroidered embroidery embellishment on the side of the waist

The three-dimensional embroidery process is super high, and each stitch is very solid. The needle spacing is dense and compact, and the small details are very high-end.

: The design of this stripe is simple and sophisticated, with a bit of chic.

I like it so much, simple and versatile, can be worn in spring, summer and autumn, simple and stylish,

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