Xiaomi has “naked” sweatpants, running breathable and cool without grinding the crotch, macho men: dare not wear them in winter

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but I feel that summer is coming earlier and earlier. Now I can actually sweat when I go to work in the morning, just like I just came out of the sauna. At this time, if the clothes are not light and breathable enough, they will be tightly wrapped around the body like octopus suckers, which is very unpleasant.

There are also general pants that are not very breathable, and after sitting for a long time or exercising, it is easy to print a large trace, which is uncomfortable and very embarrassing. At this time, I hope that there will be clothes that automatically cool down, so that you don’t have to suffer from the ravages of summer.

Nowadays, technology is so developed, such black technology pants have long existed. Xiaomi has a pair of 3D three-dimensional suspended ice fast-drying sweatpants, which can be super heat dissipation and ice touch, sweaty people can also keep dry all day. I saw it, of course, I was very excited, and the quality and cost performance of Xiaomi’s products are also obvious to everyone, so let’s start to experience it immediately.

The first feeling of the 3D three-dimensional suspended ice fast-drying sweatpants is: cold and slippery, there is a feeling that the gentle hands and sweat of the hands have been sucked away. After wearing it, it is even more unusual, it will not stick to the skin with a seemingly absent “naked feeling”, and the heat on the body will spread out for the first time, and it really has its own ice feeling! What’s more, this process is still continuous, and it is really cool to wear in summer, but it is right to dare not wear it in winter.

But just saying it is definitely not specific enough, in order to let the friends experience more intuitively, several small tests were done. Take a pair of Nike sweatpants for heat dissipation comparison, use an infrared temperature sensor, the redder the color, the hotter and hotter, the bluer and colder. Put your hand on the two pants, you can see that the 3D three-dimensional floating ice fast-drying sweatpants dissipate heat faster than Nike.

When placed on the humidifier, you can clearly see that the water vapor instantly comes out of the pants, and the breathability is high. The heat dissipation and breathability performance are good, and when running, you are no longer afraid to run halfway and make a fire under your feet.

There is also a little comfort problem, wearing pants is most afraid that the elasticity is not enough, not only will grind the gear but also the whole body is tight and uncomfortable. And the manufacturer’s 3D three-dimensional suspension ice fast-drying sweatpants no matter how they move, there is no feeling of restraint and crotch.

The trousers are designed with drawstrings, which are more free and comfortable than buttons, and the design of the bound feet can be elongated to appear tall and thin.

In general, the 3D three-dimensional suspended ice fast-drying sweatpants are not inconsistent with whether they are at work, bouncing, or sports. And the design is suitable for the vast majority of people’s body shape, whether you are a muscular man or a weak scholar, it is very suitable to wear.

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