20 beautiful French dresses that look cinematic when you wear them

What’s wrong with a little dress that can reflect the sense of gorgeousness without being too grand? French dresses must have one vote!

The color tone with its own filter is a movie atmosphere when walking on the road, carrying a small bag, and the shape of going out on the street is done in 5 minutes!

This year, the puff sleeves that are very windy are put on the skirt, and there is a sense of déjà vu of a doll’s shirt, and it is not a problem to reduce the age of 5 years.

At the same time, compared with the daily style of T-shirts and knitwear, dresses also have a major advantage, with a relaxed but formal atmosphere, conveying the importance of the other party to the date partner, which is a big plus.

Wear it with a small suspender and a big open back, and show your confident beauty in summer!


if by land

If by land, the small flowers on the Secret Flower Slip Dress are made of small gold and coffee-colored blocks, with romantic and feminine sleeves in dropped shoulder bubbles that cover the worship flesh of the upper arms, and thin straps at the shoulders that retain the effect of bare shoulders while preventing the collar from slipping out.

The classic orange-yellow floral slip dress is warm in a warmer hue, while the swing neckline at the chest adds a casual vibe, and the front slit extends above the knee and the leg line is visible.

The small yellow-purple flowers are mysterious and gorgeous on the dark background, and the intricate structure of the dropped shoulder sleeves, nipped-in waist and fishtail gives the dress a grand dress atmosphere.

If by land This double slip dress is soft and misty, the editors together gave this dress a name, like a “curtain of dreams”, double suspenders on the shoulders to reduce the exposed area, the pleats at the waist and the A-shaped hem appear slender at the waist, who wears who looks good!


Faithfull the Brand

Faithfull the Brand was founded in Bali by Australian and Norwegian designers, so the brand’s DNA is a blend of diverse sunshine. The base color beige looks comfortable and skin-friendly, and the shoulder straps with wooden ear folds are lively and childlike. Small purple stamens dot between yellow-green petals, with a simple straight silhouette and a strong tropical feel.

The color scheme of this dark beige dress has a distinct Southeast Asian tropical atmosphere, polka dots are also classic timeless patterns, small polka dot prints look mysterious eye-catching magic, you can already think of the appearance of the INS blogger’s upper body~

Another summer white moonlight dress. Pure white small broken flowers and small square collar balloon sleeves are full of court style, and the slightly raised sleeves show the head and shoulders ratio, which fairies must have!

White pattern on red yyds! Above the knee, the skirt length position, the small square collar exposes the collarbone, bringing out a strong American retro pictorial atmosphere, and the photo is quite photogenic.


Finders Keepers

Australian brand Finders Keepers cannot fail to be mentioned, where full sunlight and vast natural scenery nurture a romantic and original unrestrained temperament, and this ivory orange blossom cotton slip dress perfectly interprets this healthy beauty.

Black embraces all things, which can best bring out the beauty of the flowers, orange flowers contrast strongly with dark undertones, careful straps on the shoulders to add delicate highlights, and dropped shoulder puff sleeves have a great beauty aura!

Girls with light hair can try Finders Keepers’ sky-blue backless dress, the purity of retro polka dots neutralizes the deep V-neck and large back, and the left and right pieces are closed, and the button details are added in the middle of the skirt to make it thinner, producing a fresh sense of pure desire.

Different from the common broken flowers, this Finders Keepers has a distinct tropical character, and the wonderful visual tension and primitive temperament of broad-leaved plants make you feel like you are in a tropical rainforest.


sister jane

Super gorgeous and heavy court style small skirt only 1K+! The puff sleeves of the pleated bulge shape are three-dimensional and full, and the publication style is very elegant, the overall fabric is made of gold thread blending to make the rose pattern three-dimensional and full, with patch pockets as the division of the waistline, and the welt at the neckline is embellished with details, and the design is quite complete.

If you can’t hold the grand style, Sister Jane also has some styles that are easier to wear, with extra-long doll collars and pearl buckle accessories retaining a gorgeous texture, and light fabrics that make the whole skirt more relaxed.

The Sister Jane Bow Mini Skirt is an age-reducing style with a high waist line and a fluffy A-hem, a white bow on the chest to brighten it, and a dreamy purple flower that is dyed with a delicate beauty that is soft and fragile. Doll skirt loves love!


Alexa Chung

Miss Zhong’s eponymous brand, a simple brown polka-dot long dress can also wear the cool feeling of rock, and the mid-sleeve design with wide shoulders reflects Kochi’s sense of intelligence and reveals the intellectual atmosphere of literature and art.

This gray-blue plaid dress is much sweeter than the polka-dot skirt above, and the cold gray color used harmonizes this “sweetness”, showing a high-end aesthetic that is very suitable for cool girls to wear with boots.



RIXO is good at making sweetness into a high-class sense of maturity, many sisters wear sweet style is afraid of being said to be tender, nude pink base color to accommodate rose pattern, deep V-neck and back cutout to add a touch of sexiness and coolness.

Cool mint green is a summer must-have, with small white flowers scattered all over the body, and a button in the middle that divides the body and a slit at the end.

RIXO’s vintage long dress has a retro 80s feel with chic small lapels and puff sleeves, purple and black floral combinations add a mysterious story feel, and the black trim at the neckline and the end of the skirt enhance the sophistication of the whole body, just like the characters who came out of the comics.

This peach pink cream floral little dress is especially suitable for us Asians to wear, the length above the knee is just enough to show the legs and show the figure, do not worry about going out, the waist has built-in ties to tighten the waist, and the small frills cascading at the neckline and hem add a dreamy sweet girly feeling.

After seeing so many beautiful French dresses, is there a one pick in your heart?


Source: IC, Fashion Store

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