For summer coolness, you’ll need a mercerized cotton T-shirt

Summer is the best time to wear T-shirts, some materials are pure cotton and some are cotton, but I prefer mercerized cotton T-shirts, because of their excellent cool wearing experience and popular people, becoming one of the hottest material choices in summer.

1. What is mercerized cotton?

Mercerized cotton, what kind of material is this? It sounds very advanced, in fact, mercerized cotton is also made of cotton as raw material, worsted into high-count yarn, processed by special processes such as singing and mercerizing, in order to become a bright appearance, smooth texture, high-quality mercerized cotton.

This knitted fabric not only retains the natural properties of cotton, but also has a silky soft feel.

Second, choose 100 density fabrics

T-shirt made of 100 long pile mercerized cotton fabric, this fabric is a relatively good material. They are made of dense cotton silk. Twice as much cotton is used as regular cotton silk. Such clothes have a good sagging feeling, wear resistance and comfort.

Pure natural Xinjiang long-staple cotton has a delicate texture and is natural and healthy. After reinforcement treatment and two shrinkage treatments, it will not pill, it is not easy to deform, and it can maintain its beautiful appearance even after repeated washing.

3. What is double mercerized cotton?

What is bis-mercerized cotton? Mercerized cotton generally includes cotton fiber mercerized, cotton yarn mercerization and cotton fabric mercerization, and double mercerized cotton is the first mercerized cotton thread, the fabric is mercerized again, this is double mercerized cotton.

Know that clothes made of double mercerization process, more comfortable, cooler and breathable to wear, will definitely allow you to spend this hot summer.

4. Choose 80 density fabrics

As we all know, although cotton T-shirts are comfortable and breathable, they do not have a good shape retention effect, and they will wrinkle and deform after repeated washing. At this time, it is good to choose 80 high-density double-silk cotton T-shirts, which are not only light and breathable, but also dry quickly. The fabric is relatively straight, without deformation, pilling and other phenomena, which is both beautiful and practical.

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