Comfortable life is also so fairy! Wearing a plain dress, she is gentle and sweet, dreaming of returning to the family of gold fans

When it comes to Shu Chang, she has a good reputation in the 90s, and there are many popular works when she was young, earlier than Liu Yifei’s debut. The two have been friends for more than ten years because of their cooperation in “Gold Fan Family”, and there are many private parties, she and Liu Yifei are not bad looks, both of them have the temperament of a little fairy, but Liu Yifei is cold, and Shuchang is more sweet and amiable. However, Shuchang has not had a big fire, which makes many netizens feel a pity, probably because it is too low-key.

Shu Chang’s heroine’s drama in recent years has also been less, she is too Buddhist, and her private life has not been exposed, except in the work, she is almost impossible to watch at other times, and does not accept variety shows. But she can still be seen occasionally at the airport, and on September 16, Shu Chang appeared at the Beijing airport, wearing a plain dress to show her graceful figure, and a fisherman’s hat covering her shawl and her hair was gentle and lovely. The simple plain dress is very temperamental by her, and we all know that the beige gauze skirt is a lot of control, and the effect worn by ordinary people is more rustic and picky.

For Shu Chang, the more plain the better, those pompous styles are not very suitable for her, her appearance and temperament is comfortable and natural beauty. In addition, the skirt picks the skin color, beige is easy to show sallow skin tone, but comfortable skin is very white, is several shades whiter than beige. The beige color has a bit of a pink feel, so it looks like it has an age-reducing effect, and the dress is paired with a fisherman’s hat and shawl with long hair, which easily wears the feeling of a literary girl.

Although the dress is relatively plain, it is still very attractive, and there are many mesh elements on the upper body, which makes the skirt look very layered. Doll collar with puff sleeves, sweet retro, this style has always been popular. Puff sleeves have become routine, with a retro style of the court, short-sleeved puff sleeves are not easy to show fat. The flower-style doll collar is very ingenious, and there are black ties, which are simply tied into a bow, which is a little more flowy.

The chest is cleverly surrounded by black stripes to form a square, these two parts of black, breaking the dullness of the solid color, this square is directly spliced, in the middle is mesh lace, and the puff sleeves correspond to it. The lower body is very simple, it is the design of a pleated skirt, the pleated skirt is romantic and flexible, and it is very flowing when walking. On the feet are silver high-heeled sandals, the whole look is particularly refreshing, the summer atmosphere is on the face.

Shu Chang’s appearance this time makes people dream of “Gold Fan Family”, 33-year-old Shu Chang is still so rare, and the eyebrows exposed are no different from those days. Long skirt and long hair, too gentle goddess fan, the bag selection is also very eye-catching, the printed canvas bag is fresh and playful, which adds a bit of cuteness to the whole person. The shape is age-reducing and temperamental, this is the right girly way to open, if you want to wear a gentle and sweet little woman, the long skirt is the most suitable.

The role is comfortable and changeable, she is still mainly gentle in life, wearing a white dress with fairy air, I can’t imagine that I can have the feeling of a little fairy in life. It also looks good to change a checked long skirt, although it is a checked skirt, it is not ostentatious, it is still a low-key and simple style, and the puff short sleeves have not changed. The skirt is long and close-fitting, plus the waist, the good proportion is cut out instantly, and the visual effect of small man’s waist and long legs is very strong. A fisherman’s hat and heeled sandals are essential, while blue bags and masks echo to bring a splash of colour to the look.

The more light and thin the long skirt, the more gentle, like this small white skirt, there is no obvious fairy, the texture of the skirt is not light enough, less fluttering feeling. But fortunately, the skirt is slightly sheer, cool with a little sexy, you need to pay special attention to the waist when wearing a long skirt, otherwise it is easy to appear short. The orange bag in the hand brightens the look, and the solid color dress with a colorful bag makes this combination high-class and eye-catching.

Sometimes wearing a pink slip dress with a white T-shirt is also girly, and the pink and white color scheme will never go out of style. Striped elements break the monolithic skirt, vertical stripes add a literary touch, and white shoulder bags and white baseball caps are consistent with the overall tone. Sandals are a little small design, brown and pink panels, sweet and with retro style, 33-year-old comfortable daily private clothes comfortable age-reduction, in private she has a girlish heart ~

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