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【IT168 Evaluation】As we all know, wire reel products in a variety of electrical accessories, for safety and durability requirements are the highest, often more than ten meters or even tens of meters of cable length for manufacturers design and manufacturing process are put forward high requirements, if such products quality or design defects, there will be considerable safety risks.

At the end of July last year, the new version of the national standard “GB/T 19637-2017-Electrical Accessories Household and Similar Cable Reels” was officially released and officially implemented in February this year. The release of the new national standard has new requirements for the protection of doors, cables, and leakage functions, which means higher standards for electrical accessories manufacturers.

To this end, Bull released a mini reel product, updating and upgrading the existing product line. And we also got the product this time, and then we will bring you the evaluation of this mini reel in the actual experience and use.

Appearance design: clean, simple and practical

As a mini reel product, the appearance design of this product of Bull is quite clean. The whole is gray and white, which is very neat. This design will not be obtrusive whether in a commercial environment or a home environment, and compared to other wire reel products on the market that are bright yellow at every turn, Bull this one is particularly beautiful.

Bull mini reel at front

Bull mini reel at back

In terms of weight, after actual measurement, the weight of the bull mini reel is about 1.27kg. As a mini reel device with a cable length of 10 meters, this weight is very lightweight in its class, making it ideal for home use.

Here, I think it is necessary to mention the advantages of wire reel products: under the “new national standard” regulations, for products of 40 meters and below, the national regulation of the wire diameter shall not be less than 1.0 mm².

All in all, the appearance design of this mini reel of Bull is very suitable for my needs and aesthetics, and I believe it will be a good choice in most use environments.

Practical functional design: careful and thoughtful, easy to use is the last word

For products that are frequently used in daily life, such as electrical accessories, whether the design in practical details is excellent largely determines the user experience and the upper limit of its products. The bull mini reel has a lot to commend in these details.

The first is the smoothness of the overall rotation of the reel, which will most directly affect the experience of the reel when using and storing. However, thanks to the fine bearing design and light weight, the bull mini reel does an excellent job at this point.

On the back of the online tray, a foldable handle is also designed to further enhance the power cord storage experience.

When many reels are stored, they are often prone to the problem of the power cord being messed up. In response to such a situation, the bull mini reel is designed with a special power line guide wheel.

Under the action of the spring, the guide wheel will not have the problem of excessive accumulation on one side when storing the cable, and the pulley on the guide wheel can further increase the smoothness of cable use and storage.

In addition to the above detailed design, this bull mini reel is also equipped with many thoughtful designs including wire clips and indicator lights, which are beneficial in actual use and add a lot of points in my mind.

Safety is greater than the sky: safety design in line with the “new national standard”

The safety of electrical equipment has always been a very important indicator, and let’s take a look at how this bull mini reel equipment performs from this aspect.

In the past, in actual use, the power cord of the wire reel was prone to aging and fracture at the connection. And this bull mini reel power cord connection is quite good, and the connection everywhere is very stable.

Stable power cord visible to the naked eye

The power cord connections are “clean” and free of burrs.

Comparison chart of power cord diameter, through comparison with a dollar coin, we can have an intuitive perception of the wire diameter

The outer cover of the power cord is designed with flame-retardant plastic material to effectively prevent the problem of spontaneous combustion; Inside the wire, thickened copper wire is used, which improves conductivity efficiency and less heat, and is equipped with PVC material skin, which is safe and wear-resistant, which greatly improves the service life of the product.

In the jack part, the bull mini reel also adopts the design requirements of the new national standard, and is equipped with the iconic “safety door” design to effectively prevent electric shock caused by foreign objects protruding.

The “safety gate” is clearly visible

On the back, an overheating protection reset button is also designed, which has an overheating protection function, which will automatically power off protection when the socket is overheated as a whole to prevent accidents.

During the test, curiosity drove me to remove the panel of the overheating protection reset button, and after removing it, I found that the space inside it is very rich, which is very good for heat dissipation, which may not give the overheating protection function much chance to play.

Review Summary: Safe, intimate, practical household appliance equipment

After a series of trials and evaluations, the intuitive impression of Bull Mini Reel is that it is safe, intimate and practical. It may not be as widely applicable as the conventional plug-in row, but its practical value will be highlighted in some environments where electricity is used far away, such as electric garages and balconies without sockets. The overall excellent detail design has raised its experience to a higher level, which is completely worthy of being a high-quality product.

+ Excellent appearance design, high appearance

+ Safety performance design higher than current specifications

+ Lightweight and easy-to-use design, “light as a swallow” in similar products

+The quality of the power cord is excellent, and the life is bound to be very long

+ The details are very thoughtful

– Decent number of sockets

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