Troublesome! The flush toilet tank leaked, and I asked the master to come and take a look, it turned out that there was a problem here

Now the home decoration bedroom is to have a bathroom, but these days the bathroom always has a ticking leaking sound. The faucet and shower in the bathroom were checked for no leakage, and finally after the family’s investigation, it was found that the flush toilet tank was leaking! Afraid that the room will be too humid due to long-term water leakage, so hurry up and find a master to come and take a look!

Because I have not experienced this situation, I think that my toilet tank leaks this time may have to buy a new toilet, but the master said that he is making a decision after checking the cause of the leak, as long as the problem is not big, there is no need to replace the toilet.

If this phenomenon occurs when the toilet at home is used for a short time, it may be because the quality of the toilet is not good, and some bad businesses use low-cost materials for the inlet valve and drain valve or pipeline of the toilet in order to reduce costs, resulting in cracking of the toilet part of the system, poor sealing and finally forming a leakage of the water tank.

If this is the case, it is more troublesome to deal with, and it is recommended to replace the toilet with a new one. If the quality of the sealing ring is not good, it is okay to change the sealing ring. There is also the lack of rigor and improper design during installation. Therefore, we must meet the requirements of qualified standards when purchasing and installing toilets, and pay special attention to the quality of toilets.

We open the toilet tank is full of water, but the water in the inlet pipe is still flowing, we can pull the toilet scoop up and down, or press it to turn it down a little. The toilet filter will also be blocked, you can take it off to clean it or replace it with a new filter.

The last situation, which was also the case in my house, was a problem with the hose that connected the water outside the tank. The hose connection of the toilet will be aged and loose over time, and it can be fixed with waterproof tape. If there is a problem with the hose, replace it with a new hose.

The toilet should also pay more attention to maintenance during daily use to avoid impacting the toilet. Do not throw paper towels into it, do not rinse the toilet with excessively hot water, otherwise it is easy to burst. The sealing ring should be selected carefully, and the position of the water scoop installation should not be too high. Clean the inlet valve strainer regularly to avoid blockage.

From my family’s toilet tank leakage this time, I realized that the toilet has a lot of details to pay attention to, and the problem of this water tank leakage is not big and does not need to be replaced again. This also reminds everyone that the toilet is very important from purchase to later use, after all, home decoration is no small matter, not then unfavorable or their own home.

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