What is the right length for 150 small people to wear boots? Fashionistas demonstrate and solve your doubts

Girls 150cm height wear need to master a lot of skills, a slight accident will enter the misunderstanding of dressing, take the boots that girls love to wear, small people wear this kind of items need to have requirements for length, if you want to wear boots to a perfect effect, you may wish to see the skills that small people need to know in wearing boots, fashionistas personally demonstrate, small people wear boots to easily avoid misunderstandings.

8-12cm on the lap is best

Because the small person is relatively short, wearing boots is especially tall and thin for the purpose, but boots that exceed 8 to 12cm above the knee can highlight the girl’s leg shape more perfectly and more slender, especially the calf, which can visually extend the length of the calf.

If you choose short booties, plus the color difference between the boots and the legs, the legs will appear shorter, so it is best to avoid short boots for small girls.

Heel height options for boots

In addition, small girls choose boots to avoid internal height, choose a sole height of 3-6cm, which can effectively lengthen the entire leg length from the outside and make you look taller.

Tips for matching clothes

With clothing, it is recommended to choose items such as short skirts and bottom skirts, which slightly expose part of the thighs to make the overall sense of déjà vu more coordinated.

The fit of the boots

The shape of the boots is recommended to choose a compact type, so that whether you have thick or thin legs, or the leg shape is not perfect, it can wrap your legs and make your legs look straighter.

The color of the boots

No matter which color is not as thin as black, especially for small girls, it is especially important, so it is recommended that you choose universal black boots, which can easily avoid misunderstandings.

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