Chen He is also a daughter slave! The 4-year-old daughter wears a princess dress and a pair of children’s shoes for nearly 20,000, too much like Zhang Zixuan

Fashion is contagious!

The children raised by fashionable parents are not bad, Chen He and Zhang Zixuan’s clothes are good, full of trend, and now Chen He posted a positive photo of his daughter for the first time, and his appearance and fashion sense have been inherited!

With the development of the times, women pay more and more attention to their own image, even after giving birth to a baby, they maintain a good image,

Zhang Zixuan is a hot mother in the new era, she is one year older than Chen He, and she is like a girl by relying on fashionable dresses, much more than Chen Henen.

Look1: taro cotton clothes + sneakers

The taro color is very popular this year, the warm color has a lot of affinity, Zhang Zixuan’s purple cotton clothing spliced fur is particularly high-grade, and the eyes are full of vitality with sneakers.

Zhang Zixuan is very good at matching, with a small sweater, plus tight pants with a slender and tall figure, long pants tucked into socks is too age-reducing, fashionable and cute.

Look2: Red sweatshirt + jeans

Bright colors can bring visual pleasure, and the young lady who has passed thirty wears red is really festive,

Zhang Zixuan wears a red sweatshirt and jeans, especially young, like a college student who has just left school, not at all like a mother who has given birth.

Look3: Glossy down jacket + sweater

In addition to the color glossy down jacket is also very eye-catching, the age-reducing effect is no less than color, Zhang Zixuan’s light gray glossy down jacket is very eye-catching, with a blue sweater light elegant and advanced, wear light color effect is more fashionable, everyone must remember this trick!

Zhang Zixuan has passed the age of standing, but she dresses with a sense of youth, like an eighteen-year-old girl,

This is thanks to her fashionable outfit, and now her good clothes have also affected her daughter, whose clothing styles and matching colors are very comfortable.

In the face of such a lovely daughter, Chen He is also a daughter slave, and he accompanies him when he has time.

Chen He’s clothes are also good, full of fashion, plaid shirts with jeans, top and pants are fat and large, forming his own unique style.

Parents always wear very relaxed clothes in order to better play with their children, and Chen He also integrates fashion elements when ensuring convenient activities, such as cartoon prints on T-shirts and colorful shorts.

Many celebrities do not want their children to be shown in front of the public too early, protect their children and make them grow up better, and Chen He is no exception, wearing special glasses to protect his daughter when she is sunbathing.

On December 28, Chen He posted a positive photo of his daughter for the first time,

The small face is round and tied with a double ponytail, and he is obediently wearing shoes, cute and sweet, and his face is too similar to Zhang Zixuan!

Both of them are second marriages, but they have lived happier than anyone else.

It is said that the daughter should be rich, Chen He’s 4-year-old daughter wears a princess dress and a pair of children’s shoes for nearly 20,000,

It can be seen that Chen He’s love for his daughter, a proper daughter slave!

Everyone likes to wear the basic colors of black, white and gray in daily life, because these colors are easy to match and not easy to make mistakes, but it is a little too monotonous to wear these colors in winter.

Zhang Zixuan and her daughter will also wear these basic colors, but they will wear these temperament purples to make the look colorful.

Purple makes your bones noble, easy to wear super aura, purple suit is more domineering than dark suit, with personality earrings and white boots exquisite and neat, is simply a walking fashionable elf.

The coat you usually wear in winter is also purple! It is guaranteed to make you walk with full aura, especially this simple style, walking on the street is like walking on the show full of momentum.

Black with a high rate of appearance in winter meets purple is not simple, temperament immediately becomes high and cold, whether it is a purple long skirt or purple boots are good items, used to adjust the winter monotony of clothing is too suitable!

When you add purple to your look, it is equivalent to opening the door to a new world, even a small area of embellishments can make people shine, and the sense of luxury and nobility is the same.

Hurry up and collect a few purple items, enrich your wardrobe, with temperament purple items, casually match it is full of foreign spirit, no wonder Chen He’s wife and daughter like purple so much!

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