Lisa with short hair is still very fairy, wearing a crop top + shorts, with a convex front and back, so beautiful

The last Korean star in China, Lisa’s private outfit is beautiful, T-shirt + shorts + black silk sexy and sultry

As long as you have seen Lisa’s dressing scripture, you can’t help but like this salty and sweet girl!

Lisa, who has always shown people with long hair, often gives people a sense of amazement, but I didn’t expect that once the photo of cutting short hair this time was issued, it was still a fairy face, and the short hair with the unique playfulness of a girl, I don’t know what kind of dressing style will be presented in the future, and looking back on the past outfit, the little sister really attracted fans for a reason! Dresses, crop tops, T-shirts + shorts, sweatshirts + jeans and other tops + shorts, clothes and looks are all critical hits!

Look1: Dress

Let’s take a look at Lisa’s cute girl style, the red little peach heart on the white print dress, it is simply sweet value, and you biubiubiu launch a series of cuteness, plus a doll collar and puff sleeves, sweet and fresh without being too sweet, just love this unpretentious feeling!

The prints of this dress are softer and more elegant and close to nature, and because of the injection of these prints, the whole look is alive, complex but not complicated, with a little retro feeling, reducing age.

A black suspender jumpsuit is worn on the body, and the design of the pants actually has a high waistline, but in order to emphasize the waist position, you can choose a black leather belt to outline the waist like Lisa, with a leather beret to cater up and down, plus the texture on the jumpsuit, cool and advanced.

Look2: Crop topping

Lisa’s figure is recognized as the best in the team, with a tall figure and a convex front and back, so how can she not show off her waist? The black and white printed tights are paired with denim frayed shorts, and the curvaceous figure that is tightly wrapped is at a glance, and the cool style has a contrast with the delicate facial features.

White suspender crop top with black leather shorts, green trim design gives this top a little freshness, from this angle, the slender waist can not even be stuffed at the waistband, the figure is really enviable.

In this look, the small black suspender beauty with camouflage sheer gauze can not be easily layered to match the super fashionable value of both pieces, the handsomeness of the camouflage elements is not even balanced by the feminine mesh, and the blingbling sequins on the vest shine brightly and charmingly. Wear it with black cargo pants, it’s a stylish crush girl.

In comparison, this crop top is more low-key and restrained, white letter crop top with loose denim trousers, outside the checked shirt, the casual casual feeling brought by the shirt sets the whole style of relaxed style, but you know, even walking on the street is absolutely eye-catching.

A black and white printed tights top with ripped jeans, wearing a heavy and simple down jacket, you can also feel this cool street feeling across the screen. But when it’s really time to wear down jackets, not many girls will wear it like this, after all, temperature is more important!

Look3: T-shirt + shorts

A black pattern T-shirt paired with black denim shorts, the all-black combination uses a black belt with a metallic belt as a dividing line, blending into the whole and different from the whole, so that the three-dimensional sense of the shape can be enhanced, and a pair of black fishnet socks is doubly sexy.

Using oversize pattern T-shirts with shorts to create a vanishing dress, presumably girls who often pay attention to the dress of beautiful sisters should know this way of wearing, with a little skirt femininity, and more casual, and there is a little sexiness.

Look4: sweatshirt + jeans

The warm sun-like lemon yellow looks very comfortable and warm, and also makes the whole person full of vitality, and the almost pure lemon yellow sweatshirt with denim trousers, the color is simple and fresh, casual and comfortable, full of girly feeling.

Light blue pattern sweatshirt with denim trousers, and then tied with a half-ball head, very small girls’ shape, but also not too difficult to match, so used to wearing black and white sweatshirts, girls should try the sky blue sweatshirt?

This look looks more lazy and cool, white hooded sweatshirt with slightly old-fashioned denim trousers, dark army green coat, handsome, casual, full of street style.

Look5: Other tops + shorts

The basic red letter T-shirt with denim trousers, the bright red visually wins at the starting line, with its own eye-catching attributes, the hem is tucked into the jeans, the waist line is raised, showing the waist and thin, simple but fashionable.

The one-shoulder top reveals a delicate collarbone and a graceful neck curve, and the loose hem chooses a corner to tuck into the waistband, which is more relaxed and casual than full tie, and it is not contrived. The overall clean color scheme and the style of small dewy shoulders give people a fresh and sweet feeling.

The design of the yellow shirt is quite clever, the upper part is more traditional and normal, but the irregular cut of the U-shape is used in the hem part, with a bit of tattered wind, and the concave part is quietly showing the leg length.

The white knitted cardigan with its own gentle attributes is buttoned up and worn directly as a top, with a black sports vest underneath and black jeans underneath, and a faint black under the knit, giving the overall pure and sexy contradictory temperament, simple but enough to hook the heart.

All in all, Lisa is truly beautiful! Whether it is beautiful or dressed, it is the heart of the beautiful sister! So do the cuties like these looks?

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