Wear and wear, or “coat” fashionable and attractive, warm and comfortable and advanced, suitable for mature women

Every winter, girls are thinking about the items that suit them, in fact, there are many popular clothing in winter, if you want to ensure the comfort and high-end sense of matching, you must need to use development to concave shape, the matching of coats is more fashionable and attractive, most suitable for forty-year-old women to try, let’s continue to see, whether you go with wide-leg pants or skirts will look very beautiful and fashionable.

For 40-year-old women, don’t always deliberately pursue tenderness, mature style styling will be more suitable for your age, at this time you can boldly borrow some basic coats, such as the lapel coat below is very fashionable, enhance the aura, can also reflect the sense of layering. The layering of shirts can greatly improve the fashion of this look, and by layering shirts and coats, it can also ensure the effect of warmth, which is more suitable for late winter and early spring.

A coat can show different styles, the key is the choice of color, so tired of basic black and white you can use other popular colors, such as the green coat below is also beautiful, beautiful green against the skin tone, visually more eye-catching, if you want to be able to become stronger, you can learn.

The green coat is fashionable and beautiful, but when matching, you need to pay attention to the overall color is not too fancy, the inner and lower body is best to try dark clothing neutralization, for example, the blogger combines a black undershirt and a black skirt, low-key simplicity, and the green coat can also echo.

And the tulle skirt will look very light, which is more worthy of reference for cold cuties, plus the long skirt and boots are connected, not only keep warm, but also enhance your femininity and look beautiful.

The material of the coat must not be too cheap, otherwise it will only lead to a big discount in your temperament, it is recommended that you try a straight or silhouette coat, which is chic and fashionable to match, plus the material of wool or cashmere, reflecting the charm of gentle intellectuality and more femininity.

The blogger matched the knitwear with a woolen coat, with a strong sense of layering, and the matching of printed knitwear modified her entire look, full of femininity, and the combination of the coat is also very beautiful, plus the innermost combination of slim undershirt, gentle and fashionable.

The lower body of the coat combined with the skirt can modify the proportion of the legs and can enhance femininity, always use jeans with skirts will definitely feel monotonous, so it will be more beautiful to modify with the help of skirts. Coupled with the long legs decorated by short booties, it is very fashionable no matter how you look at it.

Pink-purple color items can more reflect the girly feeling, if it is already a forty-year-old woman, we can still try a variety of popular colors, such as the gentle light purple coat below is very beautiful, more suitable for fair-skinned eyebrows, with purple wide-leg pants, full of aura.

Purple wide-leg pants in the lower body and coat form a color echo, the combination of dark and light is more fashionable, high-waisted wide-leg pants can also modify the long legs, reflecting your tall figure, and the light purple coat with a white undershirt will look more fresh and vulgar.

The length of the coat is near the knee, this long coat is more suitable for tall female friends, small people must choose a coat above the knee, it will be more safe, but also can reflect your long legs.

Of course, earthy coats are the most common, and with a skirt can reduce the overall fancy, it looks low-key and generous, and it is not fashionable, and this checked skirt is also retro and fashionable, worth using.

Navy blue coats are good for thinness, and dark coats are more versatile, for example, bloggers combine red turtlenecks, which are very fashionable and advanced. The burgundy turtleneck can brighten up her entire look, and it will not feel monotonous, echoing the skirt, not to mention how fashionable. The blessing of the booties is also just right, which can increase height and thinness, revealing a loss of skin, and it looks very refreshing.

The matching of coats is more elegant and temperamental, and mature women can also arrange the fashionable matching of these trendy people above, use skills to enhance your charm, and become more beautiful this winter.

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