Non-Huawei computers use Hongmeng Super Terminal, Multi-screen Coordination (Multi-Window), NFC Tab

We first confirm the configuration


Computer requirements:


NIC configuration: Bluetooth + 5GWIF / or 6GWIF wireless

Graphics card configuration: support the HEVC hardware encoded graphics card, general A card R9 390 and 390 graphics cards do not support

Mobile phone request


Many purchase NFC stickers

Computer C is a metal suggestion to buy anti-metal stickers

One: Install computer housekeeper document

1. Install the original release first release, then find the installation directory to delete the Huawei folder.

2. Double-click to open the PcManagerInstaller program Click to install the security butler! !


Install it here!

3. Only set the intelligent interconnection option in the center, and then open the multi-device.

4. First time, please use the mobile phone multi-screen to co-scan the code, and you can use the super terminal to press Huawei tutorial, Enjoy!

Need to see the NFC tag, you don’t have to look at it.

2: Making the NFC tag is as follows:

Open the computer butler Click the quick service, click the SN serial number to copy, for example, my is SN: 202004241251065

2. View your computer’s Bluetooth MAC address Open the CMD command line prompt window

Enter a command ipconfig / all

Find the physical address corresponding to the Bluetooth network connection

The physical address of the Ethernet adapter (Bluetooth network) is the MAC address we need.

For example, I am 7C-2A-31-BA-6B-51


Information constructing NFC tag


SN = 202004241255065 | Mac = 7c2a31ba6b51 | modelid = 00000505

Copy the code above, change the code behind the Sn = to the SN code generated by the housekeeper and the 12-bit characters behind Mac = replace the Just MAC address, then the information we need the NFC tag of the NFC tag.

NFC label production

Open the web page copy the label information of the just constructed copy and generate a QR code


Use Huawei to help the assistant to sweep this QR code

Then follow the software’s prompt to activate the NFC tag.

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