hiring! More than 110 companies in high new companies pick you!


28th this month

Will be held


High-tech public welfare job fair!

Location is

Shandong Weifang Human Resources Service Industrial Park!

In order to help the enterprises in the district to build a business demand for college graduates, retired soldiers and family members, registration of unemployed people, and the communication platform of enterprises will hold public welfare recruitment activities. There have been more than 100 companies to register in this recruitment, launched more than a thousand jobs, and take the way to work on the offline, and implement “service does not fight” work mode, which is designed to better help college graduates and others. Job Search Group Solving Employment.

Activity time

9:00 am on November 28, 2020

Event Location

Recruitment Hall, 1st Floor, Weifang Human Resources Service Industrial Park, Shandong (No. 9 Shengli East Street)


Organizer: High-tech Zone Public Employment and Talent Service Center

Co-organizer: High-tech Regional Servers Service Office

Attending the subject

It is formally registered in accordance with relevant state regulations, good social reputation, and 2021 college graduates, registration of unemployed personnel, retired soldiers and family members.

Gore, Tianrui Heavy Industry

Fu Xiang dynasty, tomorrow aerospace


More than 100 companies

Will come to the scene

Launched sales, software engineers, product managers,

Course Consultant,

Personnel Commissioner, clerk, engineer

More than a thousand posts

Let’s take a look at the business that you have your favorite ~



1. Yumen Co., Ltd.

2. Shandong Tianrui Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

3. Shandong Haiwang Yinhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

4. Weifang Wahaha Bee Beverage Co., Ltd.

5. Weifang Wahaha Dairy Co., Ltd.

6. Weifang Donghang Printing Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Shandong Taishan Education Innovation Research Institute

8. Shandong Fu Xiang Power Co., Ltd.

9. Wancheng Communication Industrial Co., Ltd.

10. Shandong Huasheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

11. Shandong Resonance Network Technology Co., Ltd.

12. Zhengda Egg (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

13. Weifang Sibang Seikong Technology Co., Ltd.

14. Weifang Water Education Technology Co., Ltd.

15. Weifang New Oriental Training School Co., Ltd.

16. Weifang Feiti Information Technology Co., Ltd.

17. Weifang Zhifeng Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.

18. Shandong Girl Society Technology Co., Ltd.

19. Shandong Haixin Machinery Co., Ltd.

20. Shandong Huai Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd.

21. Tibusen (Shandong) Elevator Co., Ltd.

22. Shandong Unreal Home Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

23. Weifang Power Body Battery System Co., Ltd.

24. Jinan Baoyong Department Store Retail Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch

25. Weifang High-tech Zone Luo’an Education and Training School Co., Ltd.

26. Weifang Qu Wen District Giraffe Education and Training School Co., Ltd.

27. Shandong Kaixiang Heat Technology Co., Ltd.

28. Shandong Jixheng Zhuo Rui Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

29. Weifang Oriental Software Co., Ltd.

30. Linyi Qinghua Fitness Co., Ltd. Weifang Hengda Mingdu

31. Shandong Sukarkan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

32. Weifang Microchemical Information Technology Co., Ltd.

33. Shandong Edidi Building Materials Co., Ltd.

34. Shandong Feimi Film and Television Co., Ltd.

35. Qingdao Meizhi Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.

36. Weifang Family and Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

37. Huafu Securities Co., Ltd. Weifang Dongfeng East Street Securities Sales Department

38. Shandong Shikai Purification System Engineering Co., Ltd.

39. Shandong Zezhi Education Technology Co., Ltd.

40. Shandong Chongsheng Metallurgurizer Co., Ltd.

41. Shandong Ji Tang Real Estate Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.

42. Weifang Han Linxuan Culture Co., Ltd.


43. Weifang Ji Zi Education and Training Consulting Co., Ltd.

44. Shandong Hongji Electronics Co., Ltd.

45. Shandong Old Knife Network Technology Co., Ltd.

46. ​​Shandong Road Yuan Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

47. Kingdee Software (China) Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch

48. Shandong Ant Building Materials Co., Ltd.

49. Shandong Zhongwei Integrity Automobile Co., Ltd.

50. Zihike Agriculture Development Group Co., Ltd.

51. Shandong Longran Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

52. Shandong Golden Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

53. Weifang High-tech Group Co., Ltd.

54. Shandong Niufang Network Technology Co., Ltd.

55. Shandong Yu Tai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

56. Shandong Chamming Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.

57. Weifang I want to think about the cultural and creative industry limited liability company

58. Deyuan Heavy Industry (Shandong) Co., Ltd.

59. Shandong Chuanghuai Drink Management Co., Ltd.

60. Shandong Yuanxu Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

61. Shandong Original and Human Resources Co., Ltd.

62. Weifang Pomegranate Seed Zone Space Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

63. Weifang Original and Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

64. Shandong Yabine Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

65. Weifang Xingtail Microelectronics Material Co., Ltd.

66. Weifang High-tech Zone Langpei Education and Training School Co., Ltd.

67. Ruixing (Shandong) Advertising Co., Ltd.

68. Shandong Xinjie Property Management Co., Ltd.

69. Huayu (Shandong) Human Resources Management Co., Ltd.

70. Weifang High-tech Zone Wuxi Education and Training School Co., Ltd.

71. Weifang to Yunyi Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

72. Weifang Luski External Drink Management Co., Ltd.

73. Zhuo Co., Ltd.

74. Space Information (Shandong) Technology Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch

75. Weifang Tip Network Technology Co., Ltd.

76. Shandong Weihaisi Intelligent Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd.

77. Weifang Ark Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.


78. Weifang Jiayi Network Technology Co., Ltd.

79. Shandong Mutang Property Management Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch

80. Circle Peripheral Purchase Network Technology (Weifang) Co., Ltd.

81. Weifang Excellence Skills Talent Service Co., Ltd.

82. Weifang Sanbi Yijang Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

83. Shandong Squash Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

84. Weifang High-tech Zone Voyage Education and Training School Co., Ltd.

85. Shandong Navigation Bone Medical Device Co., Ltd.

86. Weifang Yingyan Technology Service Co., Ltd.

87. Weifang City Kui Wen District Jinbeijia Education and Training School Co., Ltd.

88. Weifang Zhongyun Research Co., Ltd.

89. Weifang High-tech Zone Oracle Education and Training Co., Ltd.

90. Weifang Xubei Network Technology Co., Ltd.

91. Shandong Zhonghao Information Technology Co., Ltd.

92. Shandong Xinhai Software Co., Ltd.

93. Weifang Oriental Hotel Co., Ltd.

94. Oriental Zhihang (Weifang) Human Resources Co., Ltd.

95. Shandong Juyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

96. Shanghai Yuelan Information Technology Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch

97. Shandong 4D Vision Information Technology Co., Ltd.

98. Shandong Reling Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.

99. China Ping An Weifang Support Company Kui Wen Service Department

100. Shandong Tiancheng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

101. Weifang Zhongbaijiayuan Supermarket Co., Ltd.

102. Shandong Zhengda Industry Information Technology Group

103. Shandong Ou Qiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd.

104. Shandong Gaochuang Logistics Co., Ltd.


105. Shandong Zhong Aiji Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

106. Rui Shishi Human Resources Group Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch

107. Shandong Dingxi Legal Service Co., Ltd.

108. Weifang Xin Jing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

109. Shandong Tianrun Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

110. Weifang Ming Sun Aerospace Industry Co., Ltd.

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