What should you pay attention to when purchasing a bicycle cup?

More and more people have begun to pay attention to environmental protection and their own health. Whether it is from get off work, or if they choose to use bicycles as a step-by-step tool, what kind of room should you pay attention to?

First of all, we must understand your own drinking water habits, the purpose of riding bicycle, if it is a need to meet the needs of the work to work, the car cup can choose a stainless steel cup with insulation. It is often used as a high-serving and parking environment, and the driving environment and the parking environment are more variable. The stainless steel cup with insulation function can be used, except that it can have an insulation and cooling function, because of the metal material is more durable, Inadvertently caused bumps, it does not destroy the structure of the water cup.

Secondly, if it is used as a ride as a daily exercise, it is recommended to use an aluminum bicycle cup, and it is more durable while it is more lightweight. At the same time, people prefer to drink cold drinks or warm water after exercise, which can be satisfied.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a bicycle cup?

If it is a professional bicycle sports, it is recommended to purchase a plastic cycle cup for safe and environmentally friendly materials, while the cooling function can be used, due to long-term use, relatively low cost, for health, frequent replacement.


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