Enjoy super clear screen Samsung Galaxy Tab S T800

[IT168 News] Samsung Galaxy Tab S T800 (WLAN version) tablet uses 2560 * 1600 pixel resolution 10.5-inch large screen, with an ultimate clear visual experience, new double four-core processor and 3GB large memory settings make thisThe performance of the tablet has been gathered, and the Android 4.4-based operating system also promotes the daily experience of the user to the new level.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S T800 (WLAN version) is a new flagship of Samsung 10.5-inch large screen equipment, whether it has achieved a new level from the performance of the whole machine or the overall use experience, is a new model of Android, especially 2KThe adoption of the level resolution screen has brought a new visual feast for users.In addition, the performance of this tablet is also very good, larger capacity battery, and the higher quality main camera fully illustrates the high-end quality of this flat plate.

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