Foreign players Operation: play PS4 games with Xbox handles on the PC

PC, PlayStation and Xbox are today’s three major game platforms, and there is no longer stop about them, but this never answers.

Today, a player in foreign countries seems to have a solution: play PS4 games with Xbox handles on the PC.


Netizen Kirakaiita released a picture on social media showing that he started PS4 with an Xbox handle on a Samsung display.

In fact, there is no problem with the Xbox handle on the PC, because Windows 10 can be paired with the Xbox handle, the same, and can easily use the PS4 handle on Win10.


So, how do I play PS4 games on the PC?


The easiest way is to use the Remote Play feature of the PS4. First, you must start this feature on the PS4, the mode is sequential to set the set-Remote operation connection setting – Enable remote operation.

Then, you need to install PS Remote Play on your computer, and the latest software version is 4.1, supports Windows and Mac.

It should be noted that the PS Remote Play also allows the user to play PS5 games on the computer or control PS5 with PS4.

After testing, if the PS4 and PCs are in different WiFi networks, it can be connected, but it is only a bit of carton, it is best to set it under the same network.

Now, you can open Remote Play on your PC and click on the connection. Usually, it can be connected in a few minutes.

The author tried to play “Wild Dart 2” and “Final Surcouquder 2”, the picture is no Carton and delay, the game experience is quite good.

Of course, another way is to use the PS Now service, you can play PS games on the PC, but this needs to spend money. According to the Sony website, a 1 year subscription cost is $ 60, a month of $ 9.99.

In short, whether it is PC or PS or XBOX, it is not bad, it is a player’s soul harbor.

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