Unlock “hidden goods” in Abu Luya products, these good goods don’t miss it!

You may not be imagined, some small stores you often patron actually hide the hidden menu you don’t know.

These dishes are not known for our customers, but creative novelty or unique ingredients. The selling point of the hidden menu is the curiosity of the customer, and when a person tries to eat, the good reputation will pass 10 passengers.


The cuisine on the hidden menu is not “there is no born”, but you have no good Raiders to find them, and choose the fishing equipment. The fishing friends often put their attention on conventional products, hot-selling conventional products, in fact, there are many hidden goods you have not discovered, waiting for you to take them home!

I will unlock these “hidden menus” who only knows these old customers!


Abgga Casy Two-Generation Horses Set


The two-generations of the two generations of Horses, which is suitable for the design of the Asian waters and fishing, the design of China Express adjustment, L and UL hardness. The stunning bracket and the high cooling ceramic guide ring, the high-cooling ceramic guide ring, and the well-friendly decision-making wheel and PMAX spinning wheel, and the long-term performance is excellent.

Abagosian bull beast


11kg oversized brake, 6.2: 1 high speed ratio, strong performance is only for the giants in water, once the bait will not let go. This product can be used in the light sea water area, for the convenience of different fishing habits, 2 singles, bike, not intimate? ABU is fine to “referral” for each detail.

Ambagia AMB SX Ambassador Drum Wheel

AMB SX Ambassador Dunel is manufactured by the top brand ABU Garcia, a prostitute of the 88-year-old fishery manufacturing process! The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy, and the lightweight is very comfortable. Synchronous parallel standard design, the exit material is made of ceramics, cooling, and smoother, protecting the fishing line does not wound. 6-point centrifugal brakes with the multi-laminate brake system effectively resolve the stubborn resistance of black fish and other fierce objects, and easily pull the fish on the sky.

Abuasia Hornet Plus Road

3M ultra-light weight nano-carbon fiber reinforced fusion technology is used in the production of karma, with k-constructed brackets and Japanese Fuji MGS microcontrol rings, further reducing the weight of the body. The insertion of the Japanese “printed printed” is stronger, and the perception is greatly improved, and the timing of the tattoo is precisely controlled.


Abgatian REVO ALX Water Drop Wheel


8 + 1 high-performance anti-corrosion bearing provides a smooth and stable operation, 35mm ultra-low X-Craftic alloy body frame, with only 155g of weight. Small and smart, even if you are thin, you can control it easily. 7.7kg Brake power, fight fish? nonexistent! The fishing wheel won the Game & Fish fishing friends to love the fishing wheel award, reputation performance strength lying!

Abagasia Rumbee

The long-mened man is mixed with a 9-axis sealing bearing, the roll-away, the long-term performance is excellent and easy to thrown a hundred meters.


High tonnage carbon fabrics, equipped with Japanese Fuji guiding ring system and wheel seats, which greatly reduces the weight. The four-axis cross-carbon cloth forms the external reverse cross-knitting enhancement system, which greatly enhances the toughness and intensity. Chasing the rice rose, the buffer, first step!

Picking the products on the Hidden Menu is no longer a simple equipment filtering, more like a “adventure”, this kind of accomplishment that only the inner talents can not be evident!

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