Say goodbye to the shirt, show the retro style with shortwear

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In fact, for the fairy girls who are exquisite atmosphere, there is a good innocent advantage in the face type, so there is no need for special clothing to highlight the lines of the face, especially in the summer, but if Choosing some retro style clothing, the mushrooms may actually have fallen to a very low level, then today’s beauty will recommend some reliable retro match!

One, Japanese jacket jacket


The style design of the jacket jacket is very long-suited to the Japanese style baseball service, and the advantage of this style is that it does not need too much modification, only simple and simple short elements can be very good. The body’s match, whether it is a white t-shirt or a solid color shirt, is a very good choice.


And the outer casing selects the thin-thicker light water-water fabric, with some wrinkled texture, and the added opening also makes the whole dress look very hierarchical, in terms of inside, it is selected to have a relatively intensive network. Cloth, it seems not only very intensive feeling, but also enjoy the feeling of cool breathable in summer.

Second, front-saving straps denim short coat


The cowboy elements contained in the front-saving strap denim short coat itself are very rich in the western style, and after this design, it can make the whole person look more clean and neat, there will be no other styles. Lazy, but presents a texture of the simplicity.

The high-quality fabric design guarantees a soft and comfortable wearing experience, and the whole is also very good extension. It can bring more enjoyable wear in summer. Unique temperament charm.


Third, Ai Yi high waist wide leg pants

Ai Yimei high waist bread is actually a good inclusion for all kinds of body, because this trousers can cover the defects in the leg line, you can choose a pair of casual flat shoes, of course, you can also choose More sexy pointed high heels, you can draw your leg lines from visual aspects.

And choose a comfortable skin fabric, not only very comfortable, but also guarantees excellent feature, even if it is in summer, it will not feel the possibility of stuffing, more importantly, the overall design It seems to be more simple and fashionable.

Fourth, the power of the strong denim high waist wide leg pants


The whole version of the high-waist briefs in the high-waist pants has a wind tide of the 1980s. Stereo-cutting design makes visual look more and thin, and no matter how it is matched, there will be tight and constraints. Sense, more important is its excellent color fastness.

Even frequently, there will be no farther possibilities, and the location of the waist also designs a high waist detail, this design can make the leg lines look more difficult, and can make your legs It is more charming.


I have seen these retro matching items, are you also very moving? I want to say goodbye to the shirt in this summer, so long, I will buy it in the introduction of the beauty!

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