Professor Cao Bin: doctor rules and culture

Union Medical College after graduating seven turn eight years, I would stay at Union Hospital medical work. For me, in fact, work and do not work no difference, because you live in Union Hospital nurse before graduating floor hut 5-story, go to work after graduation, still living in that layer, still living in a small room, no difference . I did not feel that they graduated, some differences did not feel anything after graduation and graduation before their own, until I got married after leaving Concord. Why graduation nothing has changed for me?

But I know what causes it? Because we live and work environment and our occupations and other different.

I do not know if you recognize this thing? That we live and work in an environment that hospital, the working environment and the nature of our profession and most industries are not the same.

Hospital is more like a school, a doctor, a nurse is more like a student for a lifetime. I am 48 years old, I did not feel grown up. I’m still constantly learning, as long as this day was wearing a white lab coat, you have to learn, this is our profession and other professions not the same place.

I feel like 2020 than 2019 to grow up a lot, really particularly evident. This “grow up” is how come it? Because in the first half of 2020, I experienced a “new crown virus.” This experience is very big influence on me, it can be said to be imbued with every bit of me, every drop.

Professor Cao Bin: doctor rules and culture

2020 February 5, Bin Cao explain the drug clinical trial program in Wuhan

My understanding of life, the view of colleagues, students demands to his son, as well as exchanges and wife …… we are still young, married and later after slowly realize that for a family, this decision family atmosphere and vitality, in the husband, father.





There are two different doctors a connecting door does not open directly to the nurse to the sentence “Give paracetamol”; second doctor quickly got up, went to the patient’s bedside, the patient asked in detail about what is uncomfortable? Some began to have a fever? Burn how high? Sweating yet? You cold? Take your blood pressure measurement of blood pressure patient, measured about his pulse ……











Professor Cao Bin: doctor rules and culture

Any one of the system is to minimize the discontent. For example, hospital regulations 8:00 to go to work. I met a basic research scientist meeting this morning, he asked me what time do you go to work every day? I replied that at the hospital before 7:00. He said: I can not, I just 10:00 into the laboratory.

The scientist’s father is a retired old doctor, his father urging him to go to work every morning in the back, and why? Because his father was a doctor. So, our job requirements before 8:00 to the hospital, and even some sections 7:30 or 7:00 shift, to make everyone happy? can not. But for the collectivity and team, you must be so request. A similar system there.


I am 48 years old, one day I chat and Corey young gay, we all feel the pressure of life is very large, I understand, in particular, is a graduate school outside the provinces and moved to Beijing job of these colleagues.

I am also a stranger, after graduation, I would like to live in Union Hospital nurses floor after the wedding rent in Tongzhou.

After get off work came from Union Hospital Wangfujing, grow in four, sat down East Fourth Ring Road, then down to the bus. At that time only two trips the bus, the trip is 311, 312 a trip, sitting up to 312 head Xinhua Street, the car had to take a “little bouncing” to get home. A half-hour one-way, this is my life’s first place to stay.

After children, we moved from the Fengtai, Tongzhou, Changping moved from Fengtai, Changping and from the East, from the East to the sun, from sunrise to Haidian, from Haidian to the West, from the West back to the sun. This is what I, as a 48-year-old doctor, after graduating from college to now, the path of life in the city of Beijing.

Now if you want to graduate young doctor today, tomorrow to buy a big house, in addition to the very wealthy parents, basically impossible, you should not even think about it altogether. Because you have received higher education, as long as the step by step, get down to work, the others will have.


First, be honest. Since childhood, my parents taught us are not allowed to lie, when the school does not guarantee exam cheating, fraud does homework to the teacher, this thing easy. Is not easy to work in the future, the face of the complicated social, but also to maintain a lifetime honest, this thing is very, very difficult. As an adult, you have to secure in the future over a lifetime, this must be done. Very often think, “I lied, people do not know”, but at least one person knows, that’s your own. The most important is to live at ease. In addition to your own, plus who knows? God knows, not to say that no one knows. You live for yourself, not for others, not for the teacher, not for parents, not for the director, it is for myself.

Second, equality. Young people have come to me a while ago, head down to the office Kazakhstan waist. I say you put the body stand up straight, head up, looking at me. You are an individual, we are all equal. You and a person next to you any more than you older people, younger than you are equal. That you put on a white coat, work into the various departments, hospitals should be paid to you, because you pay labor, does not owe. If owe, we owe only the parents, because they gave birth to us, our culture, in addition we do not owe anyone. Bayao straightened, looked up, so as to mean you are a real man.

Third, self-confidence. Confidence is not self-esteem. In English, it is confident Self-confidence, self-esteem is Self-esteem. Self-esteem, if you can grasp relatively accurate, this is a good quality. But many people are not allowed to grasp the extent of self-esteem, which is troublesome. Like twist watch, screw the intensity slightly larger point, it becomes a bad thing. I have seen some comrades, because the leadership of the inspection department, did not look at him, you did not sleep one night, the next day also specifically called to the yard and asked: “President yesterday neither take the time and I shook hands, did not look at me, this is why? “this is self-esteem. Datailielie between colleagues, say shallow depth, are able to accept, it is shining. Self-esteem without any help. In English there are two other emotions, one is anxiety, one is anger. These two emotions is part of our life. anxiety What does it mean? Anxiety and tension, and even depression, these feelings can be expressed using the word. Another emotion is anger, self-esteem is too easy to anger, and the more I said nothing more he has something. Therefore, self-confidence rather than self-esteem.


Fourth, reading. A lot of new knowledge, the simple truth, for example, you want to know how the legal system of ancient Rome is healthy, you need to read, it is very important. Read books they are interested in maintaining their own interests, to keep for life, love for life. One of the greatest “music” in what? I think the biggest “music” is to be needed. But does every hospital, some departments have such a person, this person does not merit the slightest. Please stay away from this person, do not become such a person. If you are experiencing such a person, do away, because they can be contagious. Originally you still want to help colleagues a little idea, but after such a person is infected, you will be happy to help it lose the advantage of others. Why? Because I help others, others are needed, is not paid, it is from the heart. Did not discuss the return of this and get a sense of well-being is the strongest.

Human weakness

今天我给大家谈了这两件事,一是rule,第二是culture。下面补充一点,给大家谈谈Human weakness。Human weakness我觉得有三条,第一条懒惰,站着不如坐着,坐着不如躺着,每个人,包括我自己都有懒惰的时候。第二条是贪婪。第三条是以自我为中心。

The first is laziness. Everyone is willing to do light province, but there is a limit to be lazy, that the work should be completed, and then the day after the completion of lazy, no question. But the problem lie? Is the difference between people. Now we are on the starting line, after 10 years, will widen the gap after 20 years, the main reason is to run faster than those who are relatively less lazy, and those Paode is because too lazy, and this is your own reasons. You may encounter a powerful leader, powerful director or professor, he would urge a bit, but the main thing is on its own, it can not.

The second is greed. Greed is what? We all like this, including myself. Originally out of the meeting is not hungry, eat the results to the point, on a large table food, they eat. When hungry, eat those things, it is entirely damage to the body, which is called greed.


Greed, especially in the future when we hand inside some power, some power can dominate others, when greed becomes very dangerous. Many leaders say they are innocent sacked, he said to the people to review: I do not want to, I have to let him take, forcing me to take. It seems a very poor way, it was actually greed, you close the door, and gifts one can break down the door? Hit your meal? Not like that, comrades. It is not because you want to take up? right? We pay particular attention to, bit by bit throughout the greed we live and work.

Article self-centered. Everyone concerned about their name, when my name should appear in it but did not appear uncomfortable, when the name was wrong, uncomfortable, when my views are not respected by others when sick. I wrote an article was reprinted others, I handle every traffic glad, in fact, others read 1000 times and 2000 times to see what’s the difference? No difference, but inside my heart there is a vanity bug. This is a question of self.

Of course, I do not let us lose the pursuit of academic career, I would like to remind that young people need to succeed. But I do not mind that. Life because the answer is clear, everyone had to know that they have just about the same. Do not ourselves seriously, others for their evaluation, deaf, that really did not happen, that is, people’s opinion of you does not exist in the world; if you do not care to hear, then listen to it. Because everyone evaluation of another person are too casual, not worthy of care. His evaluation into your heart, not worth it. You do not deserve to an unrelated person to evaluate the impact on your personal life. You do not want to be influenced by the outside world, can only be myself a very objective assessment of their own, do not be too seriously their own, only to do it, to be able to really live out your own. You only live out your own, is the real success, the other is not called success.


I recommend to you a book, this is a very important book Schrodinger, the title is called “What is life.”

Professor Cao Bin: doctor rules and culture

Cao Bin, chief physician, professor and doctoral tutor, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, vice president, respiratory and critical care medicine department director, deputy director of the National Center for Respiratory Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Respiratory Disease Research Institute.

Academician of the China Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese Society of Respiratory Diseases, director-elect members,

ClinicalRespiratoryJournal deputy editor, EBioMedicine consulting editor, members ClinicalMicrobiologyandInfection (CMI) Scientific Committee, International Society for influenza and respiratory virus infections (ISIRV) antiviral Group (AVG) members. He has won the 2020 national crown fight against new outbreaks of pneumonia advanced individual, 2018 Outstanding Contribution Award breathing Academic, 2017 National Science and Technology Progress Award (Grand Prize), 2014 Jieping – Paul Janssen Pharmaceutical Medicine Prize. Long-term commitment to research on key scientific issues emerging from acute respiratory infections and sudden respiratory infectious diseases, viral pneumonia system elucidate disease characteristics, first proposed the concept of “viral infection poisoning” of great value in the treatment of severe viral infection; as the first or a liability author (including co) published in the LANCET, NEJM on the eight, four achievement write WHO, NIH guide, led the development of China pneumonia and influenza treatment guidelines, to participate in the development of new WHO guidelines crown pneumonia.

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