Shijiazhuang Airport security check won belt knife

Recently, Shijiazhuang Airport security checks passengers carrying belt knives in passengers.

On the afternoon of the same day, a passenger scan the passenger belt abnormally, and found that the waistband was too long.Subsequently, the security inspector smears that the passenger takes the belt for manual inspection, and it is found that the tool is hidden in its belt buckle, which can be integrated with the belt.Subsequently, the security inspector explained to the passengers, informing that the belt knife can’t carry it with you, and passengers expressed their understanding of their provisions and rendering the belt knife.

Shijiazhuang Airport Security In this reminder: the majority of passengers: the tool items belong to the sharpener and cannot carry the plane with you.Please check our own belongings in advance before travel, so as not to cause unnecessary impact on your trip.


(Yanbu integrates media reporter Houhai Shi Cong correspondent Chen Wei)

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