She is only 1.47 meters, but she is known as “French Goddess”, a song sing for 75 years.

– “Xiangxi Goddess” Eidt Diafu Legend (on)

Lift “French Goddess”, we will think of the big beauty of Sophie Masor, Isabel Aji, or the big talents such as Françoz Sacond.

“French goddess”: Sophie Maso, Ajiani, Sakan

Today, the “French Goddess” is a female singer.


Although only 1.47 meters of height, it was kind to “little girl”, but in the French heart, she is a miracle that is comparable to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, is a sign that the French is proud.

The extraordinary woman is French “Fragrance Goddess” – Edider Drav.

France “Xiangxi Goddess” Eidt Diafu

The so-called “fragrant” is the freeway of “CHANSON”, refers to the popular songs of France, although the style is different, but all have full charm.

Edid’s “Xiangxi” “Rose Life” has been moved in the world, covering nearly 70 versions, still singing.

As long as you hear its melody, it will find that it is so familiar, so sad-moving people –

Chen Baiqiang once sang him as “pink life”;

The movie “There is no thief in the world”, there is a version of Little Saassa.

Spring 2014, Sophimso and Liu Huan teamed up to sing this “Rose Life” …

Sophie Masso and Liu Huan Sing “Rose Life”

The model in the song is affectionate, from a destiny, but the woman who loves love is.

Aidite’s life, as if the curse is under


The only child is two years old, and the man who loves is either abandoned, or it is either in succession. She is from the age of 47.

And her life is so lucky – she found two antipsimers and music.

Let us go through a legend in her story.


On December 19, 1915, in a hospital of the “Beautiful City” in the French Cave, there was a few babies loudly.

This huge little baby girl in the lungs is the owner of the story.

If you solicit her opinion in advance, she may not be willing to be born –

Her childhood is in poverty, hunger and parent’s kickball.

Elder Aid Divus

Father Louis is a foot-footed street juggling actor; Mother Anneta is a group of cheap cafes.

Aidit starts from the note, follow the parents in the streets. Sometimes it is in the bar, sometimes in the café, sometimes under the street lights.

Pass movie “Rose Life”

Later, the father should enter, throw the orphans. Mother sang in order to go out and left her daughter to grandmother.

After the father came back, I found that my wife had no news, I gave my daughter to my child’s grandmother.

Adidi’s childhood, maternal love, father love is missing, she seems to know how to understand, I am abandoned poor girl.

Childhood Eidt Diafu

Grandmother operates a brothel. Unfortunately, the women in the brothel are concerned about the care of Little Edid, let her feel the warmth of the family.

Until Didt was 14 years old, his father took her back to her, but she began a new reversing.

In order to survive, the father continued to juggably, but the slightest income is not enough.

In order to attract “traffic”, Little AdudT started to sell the street.

If you don’t sing, Xiao Adidit actually shocked people, she sang a “Marseille” income and sometimes the father juggling income.

– This is also grateful to my mother, although she abandoned her daughter, she left a good voice.

Edidt’s song, with a little bit of fear, sadness, accompanied by a wonderful voice, direct to people’s heart.


Since then, Edidit has also joined the street selling art group and became a wandering girl singer.

9-year-old Endir

From a small independent Edid, decided to go outside the world.


At the age of 15, she went to Paris to make a living, and met the little singer Simoni.


When two young sisters were seen, they formed a two-sisted combination. They were the sisters of the streets, and they were a good friend of life.

Emied, Ya Vi, when a girl

From a small lack of love, I’m smoldering Idiit, it will be like a moth.

At the age of 16, she fell in love with the young sender DuPont. After the two lives, Edidit took the daughter Ma Jie. She still didn’t know at the time, Ma Jie will be the only child in her life.

However, the poor is in the days of unlaving, so that the little couple has no time to take care of the baby. Adidit has never had a chance, learn how to be a good mother.


Edider sells in the street during the day, and the night will go to the bar to work, or the baby’s little Ma Jie, which has suffered a lot of bitterness.


Seeing Edidt holding a daughter, accompanying the guests in the bar, DuPont couldn’t stand, and brought the daughter to others.

However, small Majie is two years old, suffering from meningitis. Edidit did all the treatment of daughter, but he did not recover his daughter’s life.

Edidit took huge pain, with the money exchanged with the body, buried his flesh, but also buried the first relationship.


But this huge misfortune is not the end, but it is just a start.

No matter how success she got, unfortunately wrapped her in a ghost.

She is like a curse, and people who love are either abandoned.

Using our words, she is a real “life and bitter”, real “天 煞 星”.

Fortunately, she can temporarily relieve it in the song.

One day, she was in the street, and the beautiful and sad voice attracted a Bole’s attention.

This Bole is Louis Lei Pei, a nightclub boss.


He saw the art potential of Edidit and immediately signed her to become a singer singer.

Only 1.47 meters of Edidit, but can sing the songs of the sound, and the delicate body seems to have huge energy, which is very infectious and vital.


Louis gave Aidite an art name, which is the “雅芙” in the future.


In French slang, “Ya Vi” is the meaning of little skylark.

Louis hopes that Edidi is like a small spring, singing with life, spreading wings in the world of music.

Louis not only provides a platform for Eidit, but also a series of packages, including stage skills, with black style dress features.

The second year of coming to the bar, Louis has recorded the first album “country girl” and organized a concert for her.

Eidt Diafu and the most important Bole Louis Lei Pei in life

The Louis’s bar is very elegant, located in Champs Elysées, is a gathering place of social celebrities.

This seemingly delicate girl can stand the heart of the audience, she is not singing with skills, but singing with the soul.


Soon, “Drav” name has become the focus of people’s discussion, she also has some composers, literary and artists have become friends, and her future is bright.


Did Divus in rehearsal

At this time, unfortunately came again.

She regards the Louis of the benefactor, being murdered in her own home. As one of the suspects, Edidit was submitted by the police.

Although she is ultimately unnowlved, because Edidt has suffered a malicious attack, I can only take infinite pain, I will leave the starting place, once again, people in life forever.

With the help of poets and composer Raymond Esso, Edider signed a contract with the Paris Theater and began from the bar singer to the star’s transformation.

So, people saw this black, lip-bearing scarlet, lazy and elegant, eyes blurred.

Come to a bigger stage, her voice has also conquered more hearts, she also got more opportunities.

The playwright, the director lets the Coke, specialize in created a script for her, inviting her to starring this drama, and be a friend of her life.

Composer Margaret Mono, also hired by her singing, and created a lot of songs for her.

She has become a beautiful performance star, and she is also a “little girl” in the heart of people.

Her complex temperament, with mysterious, championship, attracting a lot of pursuits, born born, is the leader.

Yif is a young actor, handsome, talented.


Iddith discovered that he sang very well, so he passed his experience without retaining, and took him to stage.

In the gone, the two fell into the love river. Especially Edidt, after in love with Yv, it seems that life is full of fragrances of roses.

Edid Te Dupi and Yv Tan

Love has a magical magic, you can make inspiration to touch.

Edider wrote the song of his first herself, “Rose Life”.


When he put me into the blasphemy / whispered to me

I have a rose life in front of my eyes.

He tells me that love / all day, there is something wrong.

This is not usually in general / as if there is a happy warm flow / drown into my heart.



This song is Aidid writes to Yaf.

When she sang this song, the voice was full of deep affection, with happiness and embarrassment, and a habitual sadness –

Is this happiness, is it true? It is her, a unfortunate woman, can I get?

Sure enough, the melody of the sadness, as if a sentence, it is expected the ending of this love.

With the selfless help of Adidi, Yv gradually became a red star, and the number of records exceeded one million.

The goddess that originally looked up, now there is no need to look up, the wings are full of Yv, and finally abandoned Edid.


This love is like a dream bubble, and the time has passed.

However, this “Rose Life” has made this love become eternal.

It recorded the sweetness of love, “Happy long instead of night”, let countless immersive love river people, get the resonance of the soul, singing so far.

Break up the second year, Edider still did not leave the sadness of love. With the opportunity of the concert, she decided to go to the United States.

So, a sensational European and American legendary marriage begins – she is with French boxing Marsai Sel to go into the network.


Edid Tel Vivo and Marseille Selu

I’m destined to “Tianzhisi Lone Star” Eider, whether the relationship can be cultivated, how is her life ending?

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Pass movie “Rose Life”

Pass movie “Rose Life”

Pass movie “Rose Life”

Pass movie “Rose Life”

Pass movie “Rose Life”

Pass movie “Rose Life”


Emied, Ya Vi, when a girl

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