Lolita doll, Altman, Transformers, adult decompression children’s puzzle toys are popular

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Helping the “June 1” small peak, and there have been launched children’s commodity sales in the market. On May 18th, the extreme news reporter saw at the Hankou North Summer Toy Order Conference, which is independently developed by the manufacturer, and the best-selling Ottman, which is bestselled by the manufacturer. Wait, attract more than 300 groups of merchants from inside and outside the province, and the sales of children’s wear toys are doubled, puzzle, and unpacking new products are hot.

“I have been engaged in toys for more than ten years. Every year, I will go to Wuhan to pay. I am now in Wuhan.” At 9 am, Hankou Northern Word Toy City is already crowded, looking around, various trends Toy is dazzling. Ms. Hu from the water, said that the market is significantly better than last year. The monthly sales volume is improved, and the goods in the north of Hankou will follow the trend, but also have meals, food subsidies, very cost-effective, and know the first time of the market. Come.

From the old customer from Huanggang Yuan Road, Mr. Sun is going straight to Fenghua toy store, genuine authorized transformer toys are competed by customers. “Transformers is very popular because of well-known IP + puzzle, all the year of Hankou North merchants introduce the latest style, so this time the order will be more than a little.” Mr. Sun said.

How to make toys to learn, life decompression, differentiated competition into the focus of various merchants, combined with the demand of the consumer market, and the business people at all exhibitions at this order meeting. The thriving toy of the main puzzle toys launched a variant toy, assembled toys, outdoor balancing cars; the remote control car of the Ruya toy store in the main genuine authorized toy store, the remote control airplane attracting buyers, and the product line is rich in Xinxin In the Bulong toy store, the Altman set of children is filled with the whole surface; the source of Guangdong Heroes with the independent factory firmly seizes the 采 采 的 目光.

He Shi Ming, president of the Hankou North Toy Industry Association, said that compared with the price of buyers in previous years, this year’s demand needs more attention to quality, safety, puzzle, and refinement. “Now, buying toys is mainly 80, 90 parents, and the aesthetic capacity is getting stronger, high quality, independently developed products are more likely to be selected by the market. In addition, all kinds of adult toys are also present in the scene, with Loli The decompression doll of the tower style, a strong operating position is also the first choice for the demolition of the urban population.


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