Xu Qing will also wear, large size white cotton vest with leather pants, which is like a 52-year-old person

In the past half of the women, they will usually be very dead when they wear, whether they are in color matching or in the style of style, which is usually relatively stable, but it is more difficult to wear trendy feelings. In fact, for the size of older women who have been better, they can try some bold matching methods when they are mixed, and Xu Qing has made a demonstration of older women.

Xu Qing ‘s modeling analysis:

Large size cotton vest – loose and comfortable

Xu Qing will also wear, large size white cotton vest, which is like a 52-year-old. Xu Qing wore a large size cotton vest in the upper body. The style design of the large size showed enough comfort and looseness. This kind of style design is relaxed. The upper dress can show the effect of inclusive body. The small shortcomings on the shape are perfectly hidden. However, this too loose style design is often easily displayed in horizontal width and is easily sufficient.

White cotton vest – refreshing and comfortable and warm

Xu Qing’s white cotton vest uses the foundation of pure white to show a visual refreshing feel. For older women, this foundation of this foundation can be simple and low-key when wearing it. Feeling and justice for the age of age. The cotton vest is relatively thick in style, wearing a warm effect on the body, while matching sleeveless tailoring, reducing the thickness of cotton fabrics.

Classic color match – wearing a very simple charm

Xu Qing’s body is very simple and low in color match. In the air, it is only used to the foundation, this classic color matching method will be very friendly for mature women, simple and low-key will not present. Exaggeration, although it is the foundation color matching method, but it can wear a high-level sense of high germ. The lower body with leather pants is very high, and the average person is really not good.

Panasonic – more slender with contrast


Xu Qing’s matching method is used to show the effect of a contrast. For the leg type itself, it is very simple and uniformized. This is a meat-tightening matching method to put the leg-type fibrillation and slender feeling. The more obvious presence, and the legs can highlight the superiority of the body.

Color system matching – extended leg-shaped legs long


Xu Qing chose the same color as the pants when wearing shoes, showing a visually harmonious and delayed feeling, and the matching method of trousers and boots can play a very good leg. The effect of the proportion, and the black short boots can also show a very good effect of modifying the calf line.


Other modeling analysis of Xu Qing:

White suit dress

The basic pure white is not very good, but put it on the body of the body, but it looks a little difficult to wear, the suit is designed in the style design, with a short skirt Pendulum, you can wear the skin feelings and sprinkles of the mature women and can present the superiority of the leg.


White shirt + gray sequins dress

The basic pure white and bright sequins are combined to show the visual local richness, the upper body white shirt is simple and low, the lower body is mixed with high waist style, which can be presented by the way to lift the waist line. Perfect body proportion, can also increase visual abundance through bright gifted elements.

White loose dress + bright color sports shoes

In the color matching of pneumatic colors, you must know how to reasonably use the simple color matching method, large-scale base color matching on small-area bright color sneakers, can show simple and low-key matching At the same time, the bright color sneakers on the feet can also play a partially brightened effect, wear trendyness.

Although Xu Qing has been over half a hundred years old, it seems that it does not have an influence of age, whether it is a bright color dressing or a base style, in her body, you can always feel the natural and beautiful sense of beauty. .


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