The 2,000 pieces of bags, the domestic drama has not seen such a female star for a long time.

Recently, the “small house” of a month was broadcast, and finally the finals.

In the end, do you want a “chicken baby” problem, because a virus attacks, there is no answer.


Personally, the end is a bit slightly smoothing, the beginning of a violent bomb, basically is equal to not solve.

In the end, it is necessary to “learning” or “happy life”, from one extreme, suddenly Shift to another extreme.

However, although the plot is mixed, the performance of this drama is still very powerful.

I also used a small holiday time, 2 times speed, I have finished the number, the more I feel that Song Jia’s shape is matched, very realistic.

When it was broadcast, it was full of speech on the Internet, and I wanted to see the sound of the parsing of South Wei:

She is a typical big city in a typical big city.

On the workplace, Title is the Director of the Agency (later drop to manager), the monthly salary is about 3W +.


The house in the house was at least 200 flat, and a primary school area was also loan later.

Husband is also a well-known design company’s elite representative, with several small teams of several people, and will not be too small from the design fee from the design fee.


The two have two children, which is very compliant with the entry-level model of local middle Level.


Why is it “entry level”.

Because in the plot, the two were convenient for the child after the child, and the idea of ​​the new bought school area was moved.


But a million down payment is hard to fall. Finally, the old father Zhang Guili has sold his own cemetery.

As can be seen on the side, this home is still unable to take out one million flow funds.

According to the small Red book, millions of buying a few million to buy a thousand million buying a house, and an estimate of the South Pan is still not on.


However, the reality of landing, in the daily spending of ordinary working class, the South Pan family is at least a well-being.


Dressed up in this life state, want to do the “good-looking and actual” in the film and tenderness, or you need to look at it.

This time, Song Jia’s makeup LOOK is worth it.

First of all, she as a day to dominate the field, and I have to go home at night, take care of two children, and my own “long princess” 37-year-old mature woman.

It is destined to dress up everyday, it will not have so much time and effort.

So the dress, you must try to choose light and simple, and absolutely wear.


I often see all kinds of fashion, but I know how to spend hard work.

It’s really not practical in your daily busy life.


But this time Song Jia’s South Hall is very grounded.

On the hairstyle, the length of the middle and long hair can be out of the door is selected.

Just to the shoulder, it is put down or simply tied a low horsetail.

At the style of clothing, it is also more practical.

For example, in the plays in the play, you can have a lot of matching time for work and family.


The design of the tooling and waist, also allowed the Song Jia, a height of 172cm, even when the tears were in the camera, and the sense of view was also beautiful.

The choice of the brand is relatively large.

Mo & Co with high street attributes

There is also a low-key luxury Loro Piana.


It is used to conform to ordinary middle-ordered price and cost-effective payment.

And the jumpsuit is more convenient to go out every day, everyone should have experience?


There is basically no need to match too much, just a belt is enough.

The most troublesome is to go to the toilet, but this is troublesome and beautiful fashionable comparison. It is basically neglected.

At other times, South China chose the fashion of the upper body, and it is also the model of “the main real wear, fashionable”.


Various handsome stocks are very common.

My personal favorite is this high-petal shorts Mix Beige shirt style. Fork, the feelings of “Workplace Big Seniors”.

Shirts are Lemaire home, tooling shorts from Ba & Sh.

Regardless of the ponytail, it is the same fashionable.


South Wei is also very favorable, this emphasizes the wearing ideas of high waves.


Wearing Ovv’s dress, and the model is in the white belt:


There is also an ellassay’s light-bearing wide belt.


Visual effects, it is absolutely picked up to “one white”.


And, various styles of high waist skirts.


Lily Business Fashion:

There is also an Ou Shili of the private route.


All we usually, you can buy the style immediately.


Women in the workplace will pick’s suits LOOK, of course, it is difficult to do not fall.

Like the workfuffs, in the choice of the suit, South Wei also likes a variety of color colors, or a combination of color matching.

It seems that both advanced and practiced, very good.

Song Jia himself, in the official life, often chooses this solid color suits to appear.

A combination of hardships, it is really suitable for her.

Hair is a comb.

Sister is the Queen, confidently put the light!


Have to say, in the specific atmosphere of work, wearing a suit is really better than other fancy, more convinced that you “female elite” Title.

In contrast to the same frame of the South Wei and Tian Yuzhen, he knows.


And many times, the single item on the South Pan will also appear repeatedly.


For example, this black and white colored suit jacket, the first look is placed.

This suit comes from Mofiel that specializes in making a job.


In the drama, the South Hao wore it on the speech, opened the meeting, and then delivered a child …

This is very realistic, and the female elite “” Multiple Single Single Single “can appear more than the” one collected for more than ten sets “,” the whole drama does not repeat “. Is it more in line with our usual habits?

After all, life is not a show, it is impossible to wear a dress.

Just graduated in the configuration of a high luxury big card, it is a bit too much to live.

Contrast, “a more wearing” Song Jia, more than our ordinary people fight in the workplace.

Therefore, there is still a price in the brand, and the South Wei is still more affordable.

Other female stars are all kinds of love, Chanel, Song Jia, Song Jia, is the most of the upper body, the canvas bag of the light luxury brand Tory Burch.


I still have two colors of brown + yellow.

It can feel its “instability” attributes on the screen.

This Tott package of Tory Burch is called ELLA, canvas Mix leather fabric texture, very practical.

Big logo’s classic design is also bright enough, so it has been very popular.

Everyday out of the street or holiday travel, it is good.

At present, the latest flowers this year this year, MINI is as long as 2000 + RMB.

It can be said that the price is really advantageous.

Different from Tian Yuzhen’s “Buy Explosion” route.

The most expensive bag of the South Wei is also around 2WRMB.


For example, 1.9W Maxmara Tott Pack:


Recently, at home and abroad, there are very popular.

There is also a 2.9W FenDi Peekaboo.

It is basically the most expensive bag of South China.

In the accessories, it is still a domestic female elite all love “small and fine” route.

Especially a variety of exquisite otle clamps, it is very optimized to optimize overall fashion.


Although the role of South China, all the way has experienced various transformations.

From the beginning of “Other Family Mom”:

To the later “Crazy Eoll”:

It is a shocking change of Tian Yuzhen.


What is the whole person explains what is “south out of the fairy”.


But don’t affect everyone’s love.

Although it is a child, but the acting and winding style are online.

I hope that the domestic drama will be more like this, and there is a charm and not hore.

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