The whole network is the most complete! “Little Strike” Song Jia wears too suitable for office workers to imitate

Good evening ~

Do you have “small house”? I have recently chased it with my mom. ▼ ▼


This drama mainly talks about the story of several families.


Chasing chasing, starting sighing, now the child is too hard! It’s not easy to raise a baby. A lot of friends who don’t have children around say, I have seen very anxious. And some mom’s mother said that some people in reality are more exaggerated than the play. ▼ ▼

In the latest plots, Yanzi is so fast that Tian Yuzhen (Jiang Xin played) is forced to have depression, and people are distressed. ▼ ▼

Originally advocated “Happy Education” (Song Jiapeng) has also gradually settled in Tianyu … ▼

Bringing, the eggs don’t say something.

Still talk about many readers in the background urgers to update the Song Jia’s wear ~

Song Jia played in the South Hao drama, the workplace is particularly worth talking about it. It has a sense of work in the workplace, which reveals elegant atmosphere, and it is quite worthy of daily reference. ▼ ▼

South China from Gao Zhi high-paying families, is a marketing director of a home brand (later devoted to manager). As a workplace executive, doing things in Maili decisive, low-key consumption.

It can also reflect her character in the shape. It is basically a low horsetail when I go to work, and the choice of clothes is also a style of simple and a bit of design. ▼ ▼

In the choice of brand, this drama can also see many domestic brands, this is quite praise.


This time we are still special

Interviewed the stylist of this drama, Kai Kai

, Asked about the problems related to the model in the play, be sure to see the end of the article. He is also the “thirty”, “thirty”, “small joy” “, but also good at urban women to wear.


Because the South Hall is more likely a workplace, this article will talk about this. It is said that the stylist team said that this wave of clothing is too completely haha, let’s take a look:




Example card statement: This article does not contain any commercial soft implant



Wear: Have your own fixed formula

For busy workplace, you want to be lazy, you can

Find a matching formula for yourself


. I said before I wrote “successful woman”, I said, they have limited time, and they are generally rifleous.


The shape of the South China is also in line with this.

For the basis of fixed combination


. Song Jia has a long figure, a tall, belonging to a hanger, kai said that it is very suitable for her, and the single product is very suitable for her. It can wear a practiced trendy.


Each combination is very good COPY:

Oversize suit + denim tights


The suit is very small, and it is still a tights. In this way, one is to make the suit look so serious, and the other is to highlight her leg and long advantage. (I also love to wear this combination, very suitable for apple body.)


Her suit version is also a lot of Oversize, shoulders, and the next place is just covered with PP, and the overall loose but a little waist, most of the shoulders, the spirit of people, and the gas field. ▼ ▼


Shagu; Fendi; right figure suit: Concise White



The sleeves are all colors.


, The workplace is a strong sense of touch. ▼ ▼


Suit: Maje


Have you found that Nan Hao Chao loves to wear white? White is not refreshing, too

The most difficult color

This also reflects the living level of the South Hall from the side.


The appearance rate of white and west is also very high. I just wrote in front of me, I can poke here ~ ▼


There is still a feature of the monopolies wearing in the South Pan: seemingly ordinary, in fact, there is special design.

Just take a suit, or a contrast, or cut very special. This is why her match is simple but overall


No “passerby”




This satin white suit is wrinkled. ▼ ▼

She also has two color matching suits, all of which are uncomfortable, can wear an important occasion.

See the customer through a green. ▼ ▼

Black and white color match This is very impressive. Compared to other styles, it highlights the waist line, it is the design of the light dress, and it is also very dedicated to the more built. South Hall attended the meeting, participating in the celebration feast is wearing it. ▼ ▼

Attending the meeting, she also passed through this marble suit from the national brand Mofiel. Mofiel makes it high, paying attention to fabric and tailoring. ▼ ▼

There is also a concentrated in the suit, there are three main types:

Sling, shirt and t-shirt

Participate in the parent meeting, go to the quota of the competition class, and ride the satin sling and satin shirt. Small part of satin material can increase a little more expensive, look enough attention. ▼ ▼

Switch into knit vests and cartoon T, it is relatively casual. South Hall is also very popular at home. ▼ ▼


A blue shirt, small area contrast, increased lively. ▼ ▼

Shirt + Midi Dress

Shirt + Midi Skirt is a commuter universal combination, and there is a woman’s taste and more decent. The Korean drama “Golden Secretary” was previously written, and the woman was also a combination of super love.


The South Hall is still very in line with the standard of work, the skirt is


Direct or small A word filing skirt

Very decent, it will not be so pressing high heels. ▼ ▼

Shirt: ellassay; Skirt: cara blue

Her shirts and skirts are also “careful machines”, and they are more designed for basic models.


Especially the half skirts of the various front row design, the buffles are on the side, sitting down less light. ▼ ▼

This half dress is contrast, rolling or leather. ▼ ▼

There are a lot of shirts that are satin, streamers, can highlight texture, and it will not be very ignorant.

I also found a small detail, and the shirt she went to work will give priority to the style of the button or the dark button. Asked the stylist Kai, he said the button

Sometimes it will be slightly cumbersome


The shape of the South Wei is a longitudinal line matching, but the button is easy to break the original design basis. Friends who like extremely simple winds can be referred to ~ ▼

This combination of South Hall also went out of the foreign public “pressure farm”, but unfortunately, it was not enough. ▼ ▼

Skirt: lily

Shirt + wide leg trousers

Shirt + wide leg pants is also easy to wear, she is wearing a strong pendant, the length of the wide-legging pants in the foot, which is more neutral color, and the style is more favorable. ▼ ▼

Shirt: laurel; wide leg pants: ellassay


Pants are concentrated in black and white, almost satin, white, champagne and blue, are very suitable for commuting. ▼ ▼

Occasionally wear color is also a saturated Morant.


Looking for the previous customer to wear a silk shirt with a green sand green. ▼ ▼


Shirt: OCE


In addition to commuting, she usually went out to wear this combination, but they will change trousers into jeans, the same satin shirt, the painting wind is leisure. ▼ ▼


Shirt: bebe

Blue white stripes are also commutated, and the hem only plugs, and it will be more casual. She picks up the child, go outside the public, is all wearing this. ▼ ▼


Shirt: cara blue

After picking up your child, South Panthen is a more casual flower shirt, but the version is hard, and the spirit. ▼ ▼

Shirt: HR

Blue sweater with white pants, I still like it, a little orange is very eye-catching. ▼ ▼

Other daily wear:

The clothes that are often wore in the day of the South Wei have more, especially love to wear


Take a small white shoes

, In line with her sanitary temperament. The days that don’t go to work, the hair occasionally. ▼ ▼


This Ba & Shi’s tooling shorts is very high, and it is a yellow top. This color is quite sense of symptomatic. Cross-led shirts are Lemaire, and it is also in line with the taste of South China and salary. ▼ ▼

The dresses of the South Wei are also very characterful, like to use waist, belts



It is no longer equally. The length is also on the knee and is generous.

This shirt dress wearing a mother’s home, she also passed through. ▼ ▼

She also loves the painting of the work. ▼ ▼


When I go home, I will go home to do other things. There are several of which have a pleated half dress, which is very delicate for home clothes, and it is possible to wear the door.


Unlike other items, most of her pleated skirts are lively jump, all are color matching, printing, can see that at home is very relaxed.

This set of bought breakfast ▼

This “brilliant” (gray yellow) colored pleated skirt, she passed many times.

The two episodes broadcast last night, when they were eating, they listened to the first page of the cup. The first page did not finish. I am in a hurry to find rice, I can’t change my clothes, and I am going to go out to go to the vegetable market. ▼


At that time, her husband Xia Junshan also said: How do you wear this?


I wish this is not very good, I can see how delicious haha ​​~ ▼





The package of the South Wei is in a big name, but there are so many explosions. The stylist Kai said in this metropolis in Shanghai, like the young Mom and Dad of the high-salary family in the South Hao, more pursuit of unreasonable, do not like too Zhang Yang. her

The package type is very strong

, Once again emphasizing her stem of temperament.

When she was working, she liked the organ bag and she installed it. Maxmara This brand is quite compliant with the people of South China, and the style is low-key, and there is a good texture. ▼ ▼

Colors are also neutral neutral colors. Elephant gray and other neutral colors are highly highlighted. This is still quite classic ▼


Although it is a big brand,


Can’t find a clear logo


Package size

Put on the suitcase

It is also just right, it is very suitable for use. ▼ ▼

The highest appearance is Tory Burch’s Ella Tott package, which is a popular material, white brown color, but this will be more important. ▼ ▼

The wardrobe is dominated by neutral colors, and it is still a long-awaited yellow ELLA that has a different colored yellow ELLA, and it is often used. ▼ ▼

Inserting a sentence, a gold-brown Lee of Tory Burch appeared in the play, is a package of Mother in the South. The style will be more retro, I prefer this. ▼ ▼

I will go out, she also likes to use a little bit.

Messenger bag

Can liberate your hands.


Fendi This Peekaboo is quite special, many times, is also white brown color. With white clothes, especially refreshing. ▼ ▼


She also has a crocodile embossing package, Chloe Aby Lock, several times to choose to take it. ▼ ▼


Chloe This C Bag, when watching the drama, it is black, in fact, it is blue, and the half dress is just the same color. ▼ ▼


In contrast, Tian Yuki bag is basically hot explosion, there is a NEVERFULL of LV, Chanel’s wettrack, Gucci wine god, etc., you can see a brand. ▼ ▼

Kai tells us that this is also interested. Tian Yuzhen had a pair of people who won their own origin, plus their own growth experience, although very hard, but lack confidence,

The package is that she uses the most straightforward way to express their own good heart.


Going out to the mother’s family to eat, dress up very hard haha. ▼ ▼


Yes, after a few days of septum bag (ID: Your bag is really good) will also pull this drama package, super full ~



Unlike Tian Yuzhen has a lot of exaggerated earring, the jewelry of the South Wei is also low-key, and it is relatively small.


You find that there is no, she goes out every day, wedding rings, and the watch will be wear, and they will wear necklaces, bracelets, and otle clamps, but will not mess around because they are all

Small drill and pearl

How to make it wrong. Prepare a set of such jewelry, you can exquisite out for five minutes. ▼ ▼

Many people plant her grass


. Song Jia has no ear hole, the role is not suitable for exaggerated earrings, so the stylist chooses a small ear holder, which seems to have personality.

The highest view rate is GIO this single row of pearls. This play is quite jewelery by GIO. His family pays more attention to the material, many pearls are Akoya, the price is more than one thousand yuan. ▼ ▼


South Hall also stacked some more basic ear clips. ▼ ▼

This is only an exaggerated design, and the South Hall will use it. ▼ ▼

A necklace is simpler, detailed


Clavicle chain


, Low-key wild. ▼ ▼


When she wore white suit or white satin shirt, she likes to wear a pearl necklace, bracelet, and gloss. ▼ ▼

Tiffany’s smile necklace also belongs to this low-key, and many people in the studio start. ▼ ▼


There is only one of the watch, and the golden brown color is in line with the people who don’t be Zhang. The SpeedMaster Series from Omega, the stylist Kai feels that it is in line with the workplace settings of her director level. I also said before, I sent my own first big-name table and Omega. ▼ ▼

Go to work shoes

The shoes of the South Hall are also specially brought to everyday. Take a child to play, wear small white shoes, wear low-key medium and high heels, and the naked eye can’t see the kind.

Her work shoes are all solid and stiled with pointed shoes, especially love to wear


The suede shoes is highly high, but it is difficult to manage, and it is more likely to have a good life conditions, and many of the suede high heels are also preferred.

The highest utilization is gray this pair, from Jimmy Choo ▼

There is also a pair of horse karlon green suede shoes, echoes the color of the suit, the shirt, the transition of white pants in the middle, is a hipster combination that the office worker can copy directly. ▼ ▼

There are also two pairs of shoes to splicing the metal, but the color is still a hundred colors, a pair of black bare powder. ▼ ▼


Model Mutan Kai Q & A:

Ok, about the shape of the South Wei, I said. We also asked Kai a few of you interested questions:

1. What is the difference in “thirty”, South Wei and Gu Jia’s model?

里 锴 Kai: Materials and Brands are different. Gu Jia’s living level is high, elegant, taste, there are many social applications, so the satin and gentle materials are slightly more.


Although the South Hao is also gaozhi, the temperament and taste, the income is also good in medium families, but more performance is handsome and joined on the workplace, so matte hard sense fabrics.


The choice of the brand is also distinguishing between the two roles is also distinguished by home conditions. ▼ ▼


2. What is the main difference between the South Pacific with Tian Yuzhen?

里 锴 kai: is a color. We want to use color to distinguish between two young mothers who have experienced and different experiences.

The color of the South Hall is basically neochantic, which is more intricularly implicit. Tian Yuzhen, there are more patterns, and some bright clothing, expressing her character.

3. When choosing a clothes brand, will it consider the income level of Nanwei and Tian Yuzhen?

Liyu Kai: This is a one of us very much attention. Each role has made specific character tangle, setting a living level, method, and total revenue of every family.




In the final conclusion, the settings on the shape are again. In this way, the overall modeling work can be completed without departing from life and landing reality.


The film and television style is not single in expression, and it is a auxiliary role to live in a drama.


4. What kind of clothes are there a special careful machine? Is there anything in the clothes?


里 锴 Kai: The parent-child installation of the South Pan is a special description of the screenwriter.

However, most of the parent-child equipment is the sweater of the color saturation, Tshirt, which is not suitable for the directed visual aesthetics, which is not necessary.

Later, I saw a parent-child clothing brand design quite nice, but I took this design back, but people didn’t have men, so Xia Junshan was doing. ▼ ▼

Shirt: blooming

There is also the “Hurch Papaci” of the child (Hurry Potter’s college, the designer wants to express the mediocrity, is the meaning of “ordinary people” the meaning of the words “The meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of the meaning, but also fell by him.” Not a genius. ▼ ▼

Ok, the more you write, the longer, hurry. I will here today, I wish you all the best, we will see you tomorrow 🙂

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Intern: Kane, Junjun

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