1 kind of “fragrant grass”, fragrance, calm, cold-resistant anti-dry resistance

Two days before the flower, I made a fragrant bag at home, which is filled with us usually a very common lavender. There is a unique fragrance of the lavender. It has a unique fragrance of fragrance on the body, and the lavender fragrance can sleep, and the effect of sleep sleep is still very good ~ Let’s usually raise a pot of lavender at home, the effect is also very Nice, spring is also a good time to raise the lavender, the faders can raise a pot of homes ~

First, what is lavender


Lavender is a very good perfume plant, which belongs to the lip, its leaf is green, the flowers are very dreamy purple, with a very fragrant taste, have a good sleeping effect. Because of the very fragrant fragrance of lavender, many faders will take it to the home as potted plants, or put lavender in their own yards, plus lavender or very cold-resistant, and the cities in the north can also plant, nearly In the past few years, lavender is really praised!


Second, lavender growth habits

Lavender This plant is a very strong flower. The finished plant can resist high temperature, but also cold resistance, resistance effect is still very good, and lavender very much like a dry environment, usually do not need watering when we maintained Many, otherwise it will be easy to save. As a long-sugar plant, natural is also very much like light, the root of lavender is very developed, in fact, it is very suitable for plants, there is a large lavender flower field near Tian Mountain, which is filled with fragrance everywhere.

Third, how to maintain lavender?


Lavender is a relatively raw plant, which is very nice, what should we maintain?


1, light


First we can raise lavender in a very sufficient environment, lavender as a kind of illuminated plant, which is still very sensitive to light, and keeps a long-term appearance environment to make lavender growth more vigorous.

2, fertilization


If we want to make lavender growth more vigorous, we can use some organic fertilizers in the soil. When you open the spring, you can use it directly to the plant. When we maintain, we can use some phosphoric dihydrogen phosphate or more spent. Promote lavender growth.


3, soil

Using the soil of lavender, we use the water-permeable effect to be better, so it is good for the root of lavender. If the flowers, if they feel that they are so troublesome at home, it is better to buy the soil of the finished product directly to the market.

4, moisture

Lavender is a plant that is more like to dry the environment, but there are too many waterings, but spring can spray water with a small watering can, keep the lavender spray water, keep the humidity around the lavender. When we maintain the lavender, it is necessary to put it after transplanting. OK, I usually look at the soil after drying.

Regarding the maintenance of lavender, the flower flowers will say so much today, is there a lavender? There are many lavender flowers, and the flowers are more good. When you raise the lavender, you can take the flowers and dried it, plug in the pillow or make a fragrance wear, and there is also a mosquito repellent. Oh ~

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