The little sister hits the top of the dirty dress, youthful, simple and fashionable

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I want to share a group of creative dress with everyone,


Cowbur’s plasticity is really strong, you can make a cowboy jacket, jeans, denim dress. On the street, the common denim skirt has cowboy skirts, denim straps, denim shirt skirts, this cowboy tube top dress uploaded by little sister is really uncomfortable.

Let’s take a look at what highlights of this denim fabric tube top dress.

First look at the whole design, tube top design, really super girl taste.

Tube top design can show a small sister’s charming clavicle with straight shoulders, looks fine with slim, and the little sister’s neck is also wearing a delicate pendant necklace, trendy feelings immediately improve. And the neckline is still a curved design, which is very round. Unlike squares, then single tone.

The skirt is the design of the waist, showing a small sister’s little waist and good figure. The hem is the design of the A-head skirt, plus the combination of tube tops, visually produces a thin effect. The length of the skirt is just in the knee position, it looks very temperament.


The little sister stepped on a pair of transparent tape high heel sandals, elegant and generous, showing fashion.


From the overall shape, the little sister wearing a denim skirt tube top dress, creating a youthful and romantic atmosphere, the cowboy fabric looks very textured, the little sister is covered with a long hair, very leveling straight hair floating Flying, full of temperament and romantic feelings. The little sister hand is a silver chain, the temperament is full, this is dressed, the woman is full!


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The little sister hits the top of the dirty dress, youthful, simple and fashionable

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