Transformers that can be ride, the price is super expensive but brush foreign friends circle

Although the car has become a must-have means of transportation with a baby, it is a good choice if the distance is not too far, the bike is not too far.

Cycling Baby Cars is inspired from the Dutch box bicycle, the Netherlands box bicycle is a cargo bike with a wooden box with a cargo.

This TAGA 2.0 has improved on the basis of the previous riding stroller, andcomes a wide range of home bicycles.

However, the first eyes of the girl see the past, this is not a big northeast ride. Chicken.

Above the smooth tricycle, a foldable and freely combined box, a baby chair, an armrest, a tent, a cushion, a visor, and a water gun, and other objects can be assembled inside the cabinet. Two baby chairs can be placed in a variety of angles, and the rack can be loaded on the back seat of the bicycle. By using different accessories, Mom and Mom don’t have to worry about the baby in the back seat. The accidental weather or baby suddenly wants to sleep, as long as it is adjusted Taga’s mode, this is all solved. Almost all family short-distance transportation issues can be solved.


The second child has been fully opened, and more and more families are now more and more. Taga can put both the two bars, you can use the most green way to explore this world with them.


People who don’t have a baby can also be bought for use, using such a bicycle is not only safe, shopping will also be very powerful.

Or you can go out with your favorite pet. Does the dog do not be more cute than the baby?

In addition, this family bicycle Taga 2.0 can also be charged after being used, and there is a bayonet in the handle, which can hold your mobile phone, water bottle and other portable small objects.


Taga2.0 bicycle has been completed in advance, the crowdfunding objectives in the Kickstarter platform, and now the lowest price is $ 649 (about 4269 yuan), which is officially priced at $ 999 (about 6572 yuan).

It seems that it seems a bit expensive, but I think about it from equipped with soft cute little baby, ride all the way to a small man who is 8 years old, or is it quite worth it?


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There is also a stroller that is stacked only A4 paper, it is easy to put it into your pocket ~


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There is only 4.1 kg weighing.

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