“Twenty is not confused” put me more confused, so the skin of the pores really exist?

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“Twenty Don’t confuse 2”


Setting, I don’t know if you have a concern, the first ending of the first part is really unforgettable, and I always feel that the CP is just a BE.

So the scheduled poster is out, just go to the horse, see if there is any original horse horse


Again later



This doesn’t look good, I’m getting awkward, and the state of the main creation is also very good.

Let me not say that in the play, I’m playing a big beautiful Liang Shuang, even if I have a recognized female man, I will be tender, it is more refined and more tender than the first part.

Quickly onlooked the main creation

Social platforms


I found that they all have a common point, that is, very much attention to the skin’s cleaning and detoxification.


So take everyone to take a look at how to do skin.

Deep SPA



To think that the skin is tender and tender, the most important step is



, Washing faces as a daily compulsory class naturally can’t be sloppy.


Lancome crystal skin clean

Commonly known as

Lancome Aurora Facial Milk

There are many reputables in the Aurora series, and everyone has a clear vision, saying that the explosion of the year is not exaggerated.


It contains amino acid ingredients and includes

Eucalyptus genus

A variety of plant compounding components, can nourish moisturizing skin, cleaning is gentle.


Strong fluidity white

Water default

It is basically close to liquid shape.

Take a proper amount of cleansing products in your hand, you can




Even evenly spherical foam in wet face, gently massage, take away excess grease and old waste.

After washing, the naked eye can be seen, and there is improved,


Skin refreshing

Clean is not tight, the overall feel is very comfortable, and it can be superior in many cleansing products!


YOKIA plantation amino acid clean cleaning

There are more than sharing the door of the house, and their home is advocating

Green pure skin care

The emerging brand, is very healthy by extracting the active ingredients of plants.

This Jie Yan is also called

Big ggerous honey

Main components include potassium coconutyl glycine

4 heavy amino acid table


, Natural essential oil extracted with fragrant lens fruit.

Their family also promises

Ten no added

The little fresh girl of sensitive muscles is also worried.



essence water

The texture, the liquidity is particularly good, and it is tapped in the face. It will not be tight at all.


And it’s



, In the face, you can take away the rubbish in the pores, and the face is comfortable after washing.

This Jie Yan is suitable for


Full skin


The daily light makeup can also be easily removed, really a very complete cleansing.


Clarins Siri Moisturizing Foam Cleansing

This cleanser is special fire in their home.

Cotton seed facial cleanser

Upgraded version.

The cleansing of this series can be selected, and the powder is suitable for the desert sensitive muscle, and the green bubble is suitable for oily skin.

Orange bubble

,Suitable for


Neutral or dry skin

, More no skin, usually this will be preferred in the case of do not go out or daily commute.


In fact, four models are equally

Alpine plantation ingredient


, Gentle, pure, skin care, no need to worry about cleaning or stimulating the skin, everyone chooses one or two of them according to their own skin.

It is the very thick paste, belongs to

Low foam type

Faclai, almost no bubble, wash it is true

Don’t slip without pseudo

It is very useful.


Ask the small partners of sensitive muscles, they say that this washing milk is red and will slowly.


Knocking gentle

And the cleanliness of the washing milk is also very good, and the light makeup and sun protection can be removed.


If you want to have a deep cleaning pore, it is completely insufficient to use the facial cleanser.

Cleansing mask

The cleaning mask generally adds a substance with adsorption efficacy, which can effectively help the skin deeply cleaned the pores.

Herborist Qingyu Yang Yan Polar Mud


This Taiji mud film has been in Amway, its appearance box is, inside


Round Tai Chi

Taiji bipolar, chaos, the yin and yang, in Chinese classical culture, the philosophical concept of Taiji Yin Yang is endless, and the Herborist this mask is taken here.

The main component of the black mud is

Red peony


Can effectively clean the skin surface.

The main component of white mud is

White peony



White peony

Imperial jade seal

It can maintain skin, adjust the balance, and reproduce healthy brilliance.

Its method should be used first

Black mud 5 minutes

After washing, use it again

White mud 8 minutes

, Wash away with warm water to better consolidate the effect of the mask.

This mask is for the skin


The effect is very good. After using it, it will feel that the skin is very tender, it seems that the whole pores are full of water, not afraid of trouble, I like gentle skin-friendly little fresh women used to do everyday care is the best choice.

Elizabeth Yatton Platinum Refused Wisdom Wisdom Net Mask

The products that are more familiar with them may be

Green tea fragrance



The series, in fact, its family has a component of “”


Platinum Skin Series

“, The main hits repairing antioxidants, this series is basically unreasonable.

This mask is this series of new products.

It joined top anti-oxidation ingredients


, Detoxifying the effect lever, just like the magnet, the impurities of the pore depth, to the toxin.


It is a



Mask, after the skin is cleaned, apply a layer evenly, wait for it to dry, then slowly torn off it, it can clearly feel that its cleaning effect is really very powerful.

Of course, because it is torn, it is not too frequent,

once a week



The next step in the deep cleaning is

Shrink pores

After using the cleaning product, our pores are open, and if it is not contracted in time, the dirty thing will quickly go back.

Barazhen 2% salicylic acid essence

Bao La is cheats this brand, the face and the part of the party should know!

2% salicylic acid


It is just that the skin is just fine, and it can see the effect.

Its main component is

Salicylic acid

According to the domestic cosmetics industry requirements, 2% salicylic acid is the most acid concentration we specified, and it is also the best concentration in the skin.

Water samples use hin refreshing,

Absorption is not sticky

It is also very comfortable with gentle and safe face.

Adhere to the use will feel that the blackhead closing has improved, and the pores will also



A lot, it is best to use it as a secondary cleaning product.

IPSA Qing Yan Xinminshan Liquid “0 Essence”

This 0 essence is a popular product of their home, with other essence, it is a

Pre-water essence

So you can use it after washing your face.

And their family’s 0 essence is a lot of star recommendation, the name of the name

Star Products

Main component is

Yang peach leaf extract

It can accelerate the “dirty” discharge in the skin, which can acne in the mouth.


The texture is this transparent


Water sense


It is very light, so there is no burden absorbed.

It can effectively soothing lymphatic systems, improvement

Lymphatic impression


The problem caused by edema, it will feel the skin after use


It is worthy of the popular essence of the stars.

Ok, today’s content is over, everyone can think about it when using the product,

Exclude physical factors

After that, have you tried to use a product after the skin is prone to chicken acne, flourish, sensitive?

If there is, the ingredients of this product will be recorded, and the next time you choose the product, you should avoid these ingredients. The skin care is not in a moment.

Always pay attention

Protection can have a healthy skin.

(Picture of Star Weibo, Brand official website, star Xiaohong book)

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