Autumn happiness begins with a warm shirt

The nearest weather is getting more and more touched. A few days ago, it is still a bright sun, and after a drainage rain, the cooling of the can’t prevent it, it seems that we will react with us, all night. The change in temperature is no longer step-by-step, but it is rapid, urgent, and does not help but tell us in the autumn wind.


Single autumn clothes seem to useless, ordinary shirts become cold in the moment of close to the skin, no longer suitable for close-fitting, especially in the cold night and early morning, more insufficient to deal with the cliff type cooling. At this moment, it is urgent to enter the arms. It is a warm but heavy warm velvet shirt, which means the soft touch, the temperature of the ironing post, and the happiness of tentacles. There are too many things in life, we can’t predict or control, but at least, this piece wears, is the warmth of our caught.

Red bean men’s clothing strives to give a more delicate and comprehensive warmth through better, high-tech fabrics. The warm velvet shirt fabric is made of Dralon® Delvet, made from the world’s most advanced, most environmentally friendly dry textile process, the fiber has a double T-type cross section, which can retain more still air to achieve warm effect; the fiber is high, energy The moisture generated by absorbing the skin is thermal energy, and the heat storage performance is higher, called “artificial skin”.


The soft breathable, and the fever of Delvet, it is harmonious in a warm down shirt. The internal heat is locked in the inside, and the outside is against the cold. At the same time, this is also a tailorful, fine shirt, warm but not bloated, to hold the temperature and hold the temperature, as the autumn is a good choice.

The warm velvet shirt is a hot single product in the autumn and winter. According to the store clerk, most of this shirt will not be put down after touching it, almost taken away after the upper body tries, or even More often, after all, the soft touch of fabrics is true, and the warm and comfortable beauty experience is also enough to capture people.


The mood that the body can be keenly perceived is usually close to the wearing, and the red bean men’s clothing has been “comfortable”, that is, every product can bring the gentle care, relaxing experience, extend the comfort experience from the clothing to life, let fall Happiness begins with this warm shirt.

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