Bruna: Give the big 31-year-old Gu Chi president for 25 years, but it is still alone after success

As early as the last century, Guccu has become a fashion luxury in the world.

From the entertainment circle celebrity, such as Hepburn and other Hollywood superstars, to the political circles, like the first lady of the United States, Jacqueline, is its faithful customers.

However, behind the reputation, it is a “family grievance” in Gucci.

For example, Gucci President Aldo, for a small 31-year-old female clerk, did not hesitate to furnish with the original and his son; when he stayed at 81, he was told by his son and was forced to be imprisoned.

With an idiom, this is probably “righteousness”! So, what kind of charm is the woman who makes Alo and the original award? Can you let Alto “Don’t want to be Jiangshan”?


Female clerk is a president of the Valentine’s Valentine’s Valentine, Bruna is not easy



Guccho set up a brand Gucci.

Under the encouragement of a family, a small workshop expanded rapidly. When 1938, their branch has already opened to Rome.

In a few children in Gucai, the most commercial talent is old second Aldo. After that, Guccho died, Alo successfully became a successor.

Under his efforts, Gucci branch spread all over the world, Guccheng turned over from the family small workshop to the world’s brand.

In April 1954, the weather in that day was just right.

Brune, 18 years old, is accompanied by the family, and should hire a shopwoman in Gucchi store.

Her reception is happening in Aldo inspected in the store.

In the face of ripe stability, Bruna is very nervous, she is even in a sense. It is seen that the girl’s disturbance, Alo laughs, why do you want to come here?


Bruna returned, my parents are tailors, and I like it very much to the skin. Then, in the topic you are familiar with, Bruna gradually retrieves confidence.

At the end of the conversation, Bruna was admitted. Many years later, Bruna will emotionally:

Alo has a pair of beautiful blue eyes that I have never seen.

The year of Aldo is 49 years old, and the biggest child in the family is a few years old.


Looking at this diligent girl, Aldo seems to have a pressure on the year, desperately with his family to go forward. One go on, the exchange between the two people has more.

It’s too easy to have a young and beautiful, hard work, and it’s easy!

After all, the first marriage in Aldo is also the life of parents, and the media.


However, in the face of Alo intentionally, Bruna hides far away.

Sometimes, Aldo deliberately inspected when he was in the heart, and Canna would find a variety of excuses to avoid. Because Bruna understands the boss is a woman’s husband.

Bruna’s refusal, let Aldo are embarrassed and wake up a lot.

With Bruna engaged, the two people seem to have returned to their position. However, how long did it, Alto found Bruna. She has no aura before, and her face is often very tired.

After his carefully asked, it was found that the original Bruna’s fiance was a man who had a drink. Every time I get drunk, he will find various reasons to the Bruna.

Looking at your own heart is so abuse, Alo is sad and sad.


Finally, when I saw it again in Bruna, Alo couldn’t help! He held a clear rose to speak to Bruna: You don’t let yourself be a maid of a family of a family!


Aldo’s confession is like a head, thoroughly breaking the soil of Bruna. Bruina in this year is 20 years old, Alto 51.

After that, Bruna understands that he is a man who is stabilizing this maturity, humor. She retracted her fiance and became the lover of Aldo.

25 years of bitter, Bruna counterattacks lady

Although I came with Aldo, Bruna has never really happy.


She understands that her existence is not rolling, and the wife of Aldo is compared to the mice in the ditch, they can’t see light.

Not long after it, the young Bruna is pregnant.


Think about your identity and situation, Bruna does not discuss with Aldo, and directly select abortion.

. After the event, Alo found that he had to tears in the future.

He understands that it is his own, and hegemony, let the love are hurt.

After this, Alo and his wife showed them, he thought of divorce. At this time, Gucci is going to the slope. If the president’s derailed event is burst, the brand image is definitely damaged.

After a family is sitting together, the wife does not want to lose the position of the president, she chooses the default Bruna’s existence. And a few sons of Gucci, but the father’s lover is very disgusted.

In their view, the father has a good lover, and it can be made to this step, affecting family business, and some can’t understand. Among them, the old two caulo was most hated Bruna.

Because Paul is a very ambient man. In the early years, Paul puts a different business philosophy with his father. However, At that time, Alo rejected the son’s proposal with the reason for the development of the company.

Nowadays, Aldo is in order to lover, and puts the future, how does Paul are not angry?

As a result, Paul scored a helper in the family, and he did a buyer outside his own.

Seeing his son’s rebellion, Loss of Aldo chose to let go.

When I was brave with my son, Alo unexpectedly found that they did not register their marriage. In other words, from the legal perspective, you are single!

I learned that this news, Alo excited, I thought of a legal identity for love people.

After all, Bruina at this time has been crystallized by Aldo, and they have a daughter.

In November 1981, Aldo officially married Bruna.

This year, Aldo Bruna confess, has passed a full 25 years.


In these 25 years, Bruna is despised, and there is a child can’t get along with her. Even during pregnancy, she also suffers from severe depression.

And this is painful and waiting, there has been a return at this moment.

She is no longer a girl who is not convinced, but turned over to the president of Gucchi.

With Aldo’s “Beauty Don’t want Jiangshan”, he and his son Paul’s contradictions are getting more and more sharp.


First, Paul’s name is open in the name of the entrepreneurship, but the style of the bag is similar to GuChe. Simply, it is high imitation.

Aldo is not too ugly, just gave the son warning.


Who once thought that Paul is not a good person! He turned his head to collect evidence of Gucci tax evasion, and the old father told the court.

Aldo and daughter


In 1986, after the court was verified, it was sentenced to the sentence of Alto a month of 1 month and a certain amount of fine. Poor Alo is 81 years old, but is sent to prison by his son.

Alo gave it to Bruina before got in the past and left his hand. After all, only Bruna is closely related to him, it is worthy of his trust.

Alo after being released from prison, lost everything. Fortunately, Bruna is accompanied by him. A few years later, Alo died, leaving Bruna recalls the past in a long time.

Perhaps, the time they meet is wrong; in those days, they pay all the other.


Love is so incredible.

People who are not right encounter, is also a torture.

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