Autumn first thin coat! I chose these three models.

The sun with a heating, blowing the cool breeble of osmanthus fragrance, I have successfully entered the autumn. I got out of office building last night, I almost worn by the wind to catch a cold.

So, like this, the morning and evening temperament, the season,

Going out

It is still necessary to keep it cold.

What thin coat is suitable for now? Cardigan sweater leisure, grandmother shirt sweet. But to say that I can

Match a variety of style

, Can also hold 80% of the item in Hold cabinet





Liya, I am also a big suit, daily commute, sweet girl taste, French big woman, I can use a suit with a suit.

It is not difficult to find it carefully, regardless of how the color style changes, the version must be the weight of the suit,


H version + length over hid

The body lack of stretch is covered, and the temperament gas field is instantly UP.

Know that you will not pick, 喏, I often wear money these two days, this will arrange for everyone!

– 01


LIYA 常 穿 list

I have no few hundred pieces in the suit, there are dozens of dozens of choice, I always have to contact several factories.

Total forest forest in autumn this year, only this to achieve my satisfaction line.

Edition pass

A good suit on the upper body:



! I haven’t received the real thing yet. When I gave me the chart of the factory, I knew that eight nine did not leave ten.


Straight down


H version

Tighten the body containerality and tiba, whether it is an apple or an hourglass, you can feel it visually. “

Sharpen the thickness of the upper body

The length is just covering the PP, which is thick for the thick legs.



Also very friendly.

all in all:

What is good?


Many people don’t want to wear a suit, in addition to the fear of the version is not good, put on the market, I am still worried. The whole look like a child who peeks big people’s clothes.

LIYA, I am a little narrower, the pear shape, I choose a suit, first look at it.



Factory exclusive customization

The shoulder should be too exaggerated, and it can take appropriate shoulder line.

One look, it is straightforward, even if it is a small skeleton fairy, you can get the big sister, the so-called “people’s clothing” is the case.



The design seems to be subtle, and it is true that it adds a single affinity to the suit.

It is quite official

Pingou collar

With the dosage of the marble ripper, there is a point in maturity.

There is also behind this opening, not only “shear” has opened a big sense of action, but also gave a single suit for the daily commuter.




Similar to this version of the idea, the details of the design is not much smart, and the fairy in the autumn new jacket can don’t miss it.

– 02 – 02 –

Wardrobe evergreen base

Before LIYA has the concept of Amway Capsule Wardrobe. 70% of the basic paragraph + 30% of the combination of popular models can make you easy to consume when you match, the effect is also very good.

Obviously, today’s suit is the basic paragraph in the closet, it has it,

Can play a lot of patterns on a match

Suit + suit pants

This set of combinations don’t have a brain, purely. But the version is wrong, it is easy to wear cheap sense.

Dragning the wide legs pants slightly smoking, and the suit combination is simple enough. I very recommended that everyone will arrange directly.


Han Fan and advanced.


With the old shoes and universal white t, hot


This is not coming.

Suit + jeans

Suits and cowboy, one side is a steady societies in urban buildings, one side is the weekend, and the weekend is rough. The two are mixed together, unexpectedly look fit.

The meat with the crotch is covered with a suit, and the leg-looking fairy can choose this kind of tight jeans. One tight combination can weaken the roundness of the upper body, give

Svenue BUFF doubled


Good Miz Granulation is

H-shaped body

, Just put the shirt into the high waist pants and pull the waist line, the body defect is covered, the overall LOOK has a level.

Suit + skirt

To say an elegant woman, then a skirt appease. Micro-expanded dress and suit form nature

Under width

Form, all kinds of body defects can hide, absolutely!

Classic black and white color + pointed high heels, it is simply urban beauty.

I like a fairy hanging hanging from Korea, try this

Straight skirt

. On the dumplings, the double boots can not be a female college student who is in a hurry.

– 03 – 03 –

Can wear a lot of good quality

I have a suite, why do I recommend this? I believe that many fire-eyed fairy have seen its good quality.

Big-name fabric


The upper body has a textured suit, it is very changing.

Thin, release, wrinkle

This 3 points will not appear.

Look, the self-contained thickness visible in the naked eye, saying that I believe in a few big wear in the mall.

Delicate twill fabric is clearly self-contained,


Don’t talk, hooks, and happens. It is a good quality that can wear for many years.

Anti-wrinkle is not said, directly upon moving! How to rua can’t afford a pleat.

In the case of such a good fabric, everyday care does not have trouble,

Natural hanging






The classic 4 buckles on the cuffs, the trace is clear, and a wire is not seen. For different colors, the factory also arranges the buttons of different colors, and the giant has a grade!

It is worth mentioning that the pocket of the chest, the triangle set is fixed, even if


Putting into your phone and does not crush down your suit.

Do not lose big cards at the details!


Each color has a different Style, and the fairy can start with your needs.
















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