The road to “Butterfly” of the domestic product cosmetics

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The trend has risen, and the domestic goods are sought after by the Chinese, and there is also a new era of domestic cosmetics. Pay attention to the new domestic cosmetic brand, do you remember the old domestic goods that have been popular? Some domestic brands have gradually disappeared, and there are also a hundred years of brands, and how to see how the domestic cosmetic brand is all the way “butterfly”:


1. Early national goods are very competitive, and are subject to overseas recognition

2. Old domestic goods are different after foreign investment into the domestic market.

3, the rise of new domestic goods under the national tide, the advantages and hidden dangers

The development history of Chinese cosmetics can actually be traced back to three thousand years ago, but the production of mostly in the form of “small workshops”, the lance-based brand refactor can be.

It can be detailed in detail now, and it is already a domestic product before and after the 20th century. Old domestic goods that have disappeared, once the “hegemony” that has been ruled by China’s cosmetics market, such as double sister, Ya Shuang, Dabao, small nurse, Ding Jiayi, Mei added …


Those old domestic goods that disappeared, also

China’s cosmetics as a budging period of the brand, and it is also popular with cosmetics such as rouge powder.

The first brand of national makeup was born in 1829. A young man named Xie Hong has created “Xie Yuchun” brand in Yangzhou City, the main duck egg powder, ice heme and fragrance.

In 1862, the brand “Kong Fengchun” from Hangzhou was born, goose powder, pearl cream and other products were very sought after. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, their “Goose Eggs” was once a special tribute to Royal Gongpin and Cixi.

The opening of China’s industrial cosmetics originated in the 1930s, the “double sister” and “Baique Liang” in the 1930s became the favorite of Shanghai Beach.

At that time, the sales volume of the double girl was ranked in the best, and the hundred queentel skin care became the popular single product of the country and exported to Southeast Asia.

In 1898, Feng Futian founded the “Guangsheng Tour” cosmetics company in Hong Kong, and later entered Shanghai. This is the first modern domestic cosmetic company in China, which is now the predecessor of Shanghai’s family. Later, everyone is familiar with “Six God”, “Beauty] and” Herborist “and other brands come from its hand.


The cosmetics in that era is also a luxury in the mouth, only the upper and foreign talents are used. But this trend has been broken with the emergence of Guangsheng, and the production of industrialized production accelerates the universalization of cosmetics.

The “double sister” snowpaste, powder tender cream, and the lap water (at that time), gradually flying into the home of the people, and became the woman’s must-have cosmetics in the era.


The products of the double sister have gradually gradually enriched. At that time, it can be said that it is complete, the quality is excellent, and it has also proven that China has been potential from the beginning.

In 1915, the United States held in the Panama Pacific Ocean Expo, the double sister brand “Pink and Take Cream” won the gold medal.

In 1929, the “National First Expo” held in Hangzhou, Kong Fengchun has 8 products to win award.

Then, 1930 Guangsheng has launched “Ya Shuang”, 1931 Fuhekang Cosmetics Company (the predecessor of Baoye) is also established.

The founding of “Baique Antelope” also marked the successful advent of China’s first generation of skin care products.

At that time, it was positioned “Oriental Mystery, Skin Carelight”, once became the favorite of many superficial fun in Yan Lingyu, Song’s three sisters, and fame in overseas.

In 1952, the country had rising public-private sports sports. Xie Yuchun, Kong Fengchun, these two old brands have become state-owned, but with the changes in the times still have not fallen.

Shanghai Guangsheng Direction and the Oriental Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. have established “Shanghai Star Household Chemical Manufacturing Factory” and is formally established.

The brand “Beauty] is running all the way, launched various functional cosmetics,” first type of mousse “” first sunscreen “” first hand cream “.

In 1957, Beijing Sanyu Factory was a welfare factory receiving the employment of employment. In 1985, Wu Baixin took office director to operate operation, the year “Dabao” brand was born.

At that time, Dabao launched SOD honey, directly positioned as “cosmetics for the people”.


In addition to these old domestic products, from liberation to the 1980s or 1990s, the domestic cosmetics market is almost all the domestic products, the domestic brand is firmly held in their hands, and there is no two in the scene.

Overseas capital “sharpening” waves China’s local brands

However, with the domestic cosmetics market is tending to grow rapidly, when the demand for consumers is popularized, the foreign cosmetics are also eye-catching this “big cake.”

In the 1990s, the various cosmetics brands of Europe and the United States have entered the Chinese market, and they attempted to share a piece.

In 1981, the various products of Japan’s Life Hall appeared in Beijing major shopping malls;

In 1985, Johnson & Johnson entered China;

In 1989, OLY officially entered the Chinese market;


In 1989, UNILNO entered Shanghai;


In 1989, the United States was jointly established in Guangzhou Cosmetics Factory;

In 1993, Estee Lauder entered China;

In 1995, Meiboto entered Guangzhou;

In 1996, L’Oreal entered China …

During this period, almost most international big cosmetic brands have entered the domestic market.

Some of these foreign brands have even just entered the Chinese market, they ushered in highlights, such as foreign-funded make-up brands entering the domestic market in 1995 –

Memory, I set up the first counter in Guangzhou, and this makeup boom is popular in China.

Maybelline’s appeal in the domestic beauty industry was unprecedented and even influenced the first generation of beauty companies in China.

The domestic cosmetics in this period are still very wrong in the domestic market. Dabao and small nurses are in the top two of the skin care, and the domestic product Ding Jiayi is also in the top ten, and the beauty is created. The annual sales of 3 billion yuan achievement.

It is not difficult to see that after entering the domestic market in foreign brands, there are still many domestic goods still listed in the best.

However, in 2002, the domestic old domestic cosmetics ushered in a “腥 血 血”, foreign-funded brand began to play capital acquisitions, and put on the sheepskin “grinding knife” to wave China’s local brands.

Take money is the usual way of arrival “China products” at that time, from the beauty, to small nurse, Yu Xi, Ding Jiayi, beautiful, the mask, will eventually can’t escape the fate of capital acquisition.

For example, in 2003 and 2004, L’Oreal acquired a small nurse and Yu Xi; 2008 strong students acquired Dabao; 2011, Coti, France acquired Ding Jiayi.

Foreign investments use their local resources in the way of acquisition, thereby full of their own wings and spread the road for a long time. This is more typical in this is L’Oreal to buy small nurse.

The small nurse is already a high-quality brand brand that is very high in public acceptance. Consumers have as high as 99% of their brand, and have 280,000 sales outlets. The huge sales network is spread across the country.

After the acquisition of L’Oreal, the various sales channels of the small nurses were taken over L’Oreal. The users were competed, the brand marketing was suppressed, the advertisements were cut, and the sale of L’Oreal’s lacquer to their own Knier products, which can be “the former picked tree, The latter is cool. “


The small nurse has gradually exited the stage of the domestic cosmetic market, it is a pity. Even after many years, some domestic brands have been repurchased by high prices, but they have not seen the “scenery” before.


In addition to the acquisition, from that, foreign-funded brands deeply versed the influence of advertising marketing, so they put it into a huge investment advertisement, and traditional Chinese goods are naturally unable to rise.

Plus those years of war, all the way, the old domestic goods were “dry out” and banknotes, even if some old domestic goods were “survived”, but it was also known as the seven defeated.

“Nine dead life”


The disappearance of the old domestic goods, the reasons behind it is not only acquired and “snow”, but also from lack of brand innovation. Can’t adapt to the new environment of the change, finally trench.

But not all the old domestic goods took the acquisition of the scriptures, as well as escaping the robbery “nine deaths and life” live. But the market share is madly, but can only be “live” in the market.

China must experience the process of “butterfly”, just like insects in nature, this is a very painful process. There is no minority insects without the success of the butterfly. However, once the fire is reborn, it is New chapter.

I want to live in the old national goods, at that moment to “change” at that moment, no matter whether it is dead, I will be determined to play a turn!

For example, the hundred queen antelope at the time, with the older generation of faithful fan groups gradually change to middle-aged women, the purchase power followed, and the rise of young consumers later is more likely to post “old soil”, “outdated” label, Baique antelope Urgently need to optimize your brand positioning.

Baixiu is constantly adjusting the appearance packaging, shaping brand image, logo for fashion upgrade design, product continuously updating iteration, winning more young groups.

In 1978, the Baique antelope launched a new generation of “Bao” + “Phoenix” combined with the two functions of “raising”, and before the skin care products mainly explored new subtraction roads above the concept of “protection”.


In 2008, foreign cosmetics were explosive and harmful substances. It was exaggerated and promoted, and Baique Ante antelope immediately launched the herb and collected series products. It also gave the brand into China’s “herbal skin care”, naturally not stimulated “new concept, and invite the star to speak,” Eastern beauty “Brand story.

In 2013, the “three flowers” brands of e-commerce channels were launched, mainly for young groups, 2015, “The Secrets” of the sea, the main marine skin care.


When these years, the hundred queen antelope is also constantly exploring young, investing in various variety art names, and all kinds of evil ghost animals are continuously out of the circle, cater to 90, 95, and other consumer groups.

There is also Dabao in seeking “change”. After being acquired, the fate of the small nurse disappeared is different, and Dabao finally “firmly” live.

It also has a strong research and development technology and supply chain management support from the global vision by helping the Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Background.

With the popularization of men and women, they can use the popularity of the people, and they call out the ear-fledged advertising words, with the marketing methods of TV advertising, affecting generations.

However, Dabao does not satisfy the low-cost market, constantly trying high-end transformation, such as cutting from the essence class. At the marketing level, Dabao strives to pull the distance between the young consumers, such as IP to launch cross-border gift boxes, various channels.

In addition to the domestic product old brand, the new domestic product brand is also constantly breaking the soil, and it is like a broken bamboo.

In 2003, Per Laya was born in Hangzhou, and was accurately positioned at the time. Exploring new marketing, in Hunan Satellite TV, the effect is obvious, and it will rise all the way in two or three years.

There are also honeyborns, appropriate herbs, and natural halls, etc., such as the national cosmetics market, ushered in “Hundred Flowers”. More and more brands gradually start to move toward innovation and rebirth.

Around 2013, China’s cosmetics industry entered the era of e-commerce. Domestic set off a wave of e-commerce, each e-commerce platform opened a broader sales channel for China.

E-commerce shopping festival, the old cosmetics brand wants to touch the wider market, must have a huge capital force and the advertising fee that is constantly improving.

The e-commerce platform gives more domestic cosmetics and direct online platforms to buy power. It is also possible to communicate with users through the timely data feedback of the online e-commerce platform, cater to the market and quickly adjust the brand strategy.

The domestic cosmetics industry gradually became mature during this period, and there were no history of newborn brands that had historical precipitation constantly appeared “Black Ma”.


The main groups of consumers gradually began to transition to the Z era, and they pay more attention to personalized experience, but also to pay attention to the components of the product itself, rather than just watching the brand awareness.


Timers and, they have to say that at the time, these domestic brands have also caught this “wind”, and rapidly increased a wave!

The tide is coming, the new and old domestic goods are self-improvement

China has now ushered in highlights, and the national tide and national confidence are unprecedented.

A group of data released before Tmall showed that 3,000 beauty makeups opened the Tmall shop in 2020, including more than 2,000 new brands, accounting for nearly 80%.

The new domestic cosmetic brand takes off! Makeup Tourism is a new trend of the effect of skin care track in the case of the national style beauty.

Such as the perfect diary of the main makeup, Hua Sizi, ColorKey, the main function of Knna, Yuze, Run Hao and other domestic brands, quickly cut into each sub-track road.

There is no shortage brand in the new national goods, such as the Beti Ni’s Weinina, is a very representative effect of domestic cosmetics, and its medical research is a collection of products, and the product positioning of authoritative verification is highly praised, and I won the “Tmall Mint Award” for three consecutive years.

But now the phenomenon of the new domestic goods, of course, is also a flower West and the perfect diary, becoming the domestic product beauty brand above the two winds.

“National Tide Makeup” Hua Sizi uses a micro-carving process of art level, integrating Dongfang Aesthetics into product design, with flower essence and Chinese herbal extract as core ingredients, and build a domestic product for oriental women’s skin.

Explosive models, “Silk Road embossed honey powder”, “Hua Sizi Miao Impression” is a representative product line.

The perfect diary is committed to exploring the European and American fashion trends, combined with the multi-player makeup, more fashionable trend.

According to the publication of the star single product “small and lipstick”, I changed the 88 version of the design, and I invited Zhou Xun as a global spokesperson, and recently added Liu Yuli’s endorsement.

The greatest feature of these two new domestic products is that it is born with the e-commerce platform.

At the same time, the public number, small red book, hanging, live band, Kol plant grass, and other marketing methods were fully explosive.

Hua Sizi only used a year, just in the Tmall flagship store realized a total of billions of transactions, its rise is absolutely less than “Live Belt Wang” Li Jiaqi’s boost. Last year’s 618 promotion is the top of the list of domestic beauty makeup.


The perfect diary of its velvet lips, set a record of more than 800,000 records a day, breaking the Tmall Super Brand Day sales record, refreshing new data.

Some new national cosmetics have developed rapidly in recent years, and they are constantly being sought after by consumers, but the limitations of new domestic products are also obvious.

On the one hand, from consumer demand, in the cosmetic category, more than 70% of the market share of skin care products, and the two giants of the fire in the new domestic goods belong to the field of makeup.

At the moment, the “traffic is king”, the new national cosmetic brand clearly knows its importance, so various “money”, put the power to the marketing.

However, the mid-range or medium-end market with high marketing costs, high-market costs, “smashing money”, is not necessarily a representative of real earning money.

In addition, excessive marketing is increased, it is bound to be relatively weakened in research and development, and if consumers can accept and recognize products for long-term acceptance and recognition of products after “early adopters”. It is a big challenge.

It has to be recognized that domestic product cosmetics should be similar to foreign brands in terms of product research and development.

There are also consumers to spit, saying that new domestic products have some chicken ribs products: the perfect diary of the eye shadow rough fly powder, the liquid foundation removal, the cleansing water is very powerful …


Of course, there is no shortage of consumer experience, but the evaluation is different.

But if it is indeed a lack of quality, such “light” is really easy to destroy consumers to have a trust in the national goods.


In the Internet age, traffic can suddenly explode, but the flow rate is not necessarily long-term, and finally, the product quality itself.

“The old brand” Hong Xingrk is an example, before donating 50 million due to the bankruptcy of Henan rainstorm, it will ushered in the moment.


Because of the feelings of the people, the Tmall flagship store will reach 90 million high sales. Before the matter, the normal sales volume is only about hundreds of thousands.

But now three months, hot search becomes # 约 10,000 people every day to take off Hongxing #, there are many people who vomit, but the quality is not too bad, but the design, comfort is always too much.

As the world’s second largest cosmetics consumer, China has a natural advantage for the rise of domestic cosmetics. More people are increasingly self-confidence in national culture, and they have recognized domestic goods.


For new domestic cosmetics in the national trend, how to build high-quality products after the red, how to build high quality products, is imminent. Otherwise, heaven and hell may be something between all nights.

Previously, a list of “foreign-explosive national TOP10” lists were mad online.

In his column, there is no lack of domestic goods, such as Dabao to wash the cream, Herborist, Shanghai sulfur soap, skin beauty and lack of breast milk, is becoming “treasure” products that overseas consumers sought after.

Although the foreign-invested brand in the domestic market is indeed a big challenging, such as Chanel, Dior, Lancome, Shiseido, etc. “Curved overtaking” is not possible.

Whether there is a historical precipitation of old national goods, or new national goods under the national tide, the domestic cosmetic brand must be bracketable, but it has been walked and walked.

Looking up at the sky, I have to keep in mind the earth, the domestic cosmetics “road and long”, all the way is too mad and easily entering the poor road, walking slowly, and can lead to the distance.

This year’s double eleven carnival has arrived, between China’s products and foreign-funded brands, there must be a battle between new domestic goods and old domestic goods! The “ranking book” of the cosmetic brand is constantly refreshing, this year’s sales and throne do home? We will wait and see.

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