In addition to Converse, what is good and wearing?

The beauty of canvas shoes is that its youthful and girl feels very obvious, just wear it to see its age-up effect. So a pair of good-looking canvas shoes, it is very important for every girl. As a beautiful girl, how can the shoe cabinet can have such a pair of vitality and smart shoes?


Leisure low canvas shoes, personality is more than a little bit

The low canvas shoes are still difficult, or there is still. Especially many people like to match with pants, such processing methods are likely to make the whole temperament look too thin. Therefore, we should try to choose a little bit of personality. This group of black shoes are highly high in color, printed elements or styles, can create a very good street tide, and high recognition.


There are still a lot of brands that are now canvas shoes. In addition to some large-scale brands, Daisy is more recommended to design. Like this group of shoes, most of them are doodle style, then equipped with shallow white, fresh and natural. For example, a simple wave point design, or grit processing, has a good visual experience. The key is that their average price is really not high, no more than 70 yuan.


If you want to make a better decrease in your shoes, you can try to select a personalized process. For example, Chu Chung and the two pairs of shoes, a pair is what is done, a pair is the design of slippers style, bringing it to trout pants or dressing LOOK looks very nice. Especially pants, dark jeans with light tones canvas shoes, it is really good to be beautiful.

Simple high shoes, girl temperament is this

High-top shoes will be recommended in the summer, because they will look up with their own LOOK, look, look, one leg, sleeves, and seductive. Especially such pink tone treatment, it is very refreshing temperament, which combines the lovely girl. But it won’t overline, because of the treatment of different details and printing, there are also different attitudes.

The colors such as avocado are in the clothes or shoes, and their eye effect is the same. This set of paleo fruit greens is really high, with white as a foundation, and then matches such a light green, with a bit of shallow retro feelings with a bit of youthful temperament, Nice ~

This shoe of the homes should be the easiest to see, the color of the upper is very popular this year, and then the Chinese characters of the Chinese style will be equipped. The temperament is combined together, which is particularly fascinating, is very attitude.


There is a benefit of the small brand shoes. They are not only cheap, but also look good, it will not be designed to be in some public, it seems particularly extraction. No matter how color saturation, you can make a good match.

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