The new shop a new wave of tide shops is coming. How can you miss it?

A few days ago, a wave of new tide stores opened in major shopping malls. The A3 Store, the first APOUS Baihui Pavilion pop -up shop, and the Magic Capital super -popular coffee shop created by Adidas. These new shops have become a stop for the trendy people this fall.

A3 store


The first A3 Store has officially settled in Sanlitun, Beijing. The decoration design of this store is full of modern sense. The whole store is divided into two floors, all presented in minimalist industrial style. The first layer of the Adidas Y3 series products, the simple design style interprets the avant -garde sports fashion. There is a long shoe wall on the second floor, which can collect the most in tide models in the season. This tide shop is positioned to cover the functions of product sales, art display, and trend activities. In the future, 2-3 trendy activities will be held every month.

Photo / Screenshot of the official WeChat public account of Sanlitun Taikoo Li

Store address: N4-18A, 29, Sanlitun Taikouli North District


APOUS Baihui Pavilion

The first APOUS Baihui Pavilion pop -up store landed in Yidi Port. Regarding this new store, you can understand it as a flagship store that brings together global design. Major creative brands are gathered here, such as the Dutch IXXI, Italy’s MIHO, PlayForever in the United Kingdom, and the French brand Baghetra, etc., with a series of home supplies that have won the International Design Award.

Photo/Yidi Port official WeChat public account screenshot

Here, you will always meet your own ideal good things, such as interesting bean bag sofas, cute Dutch rabbit sofas, lady dog ​​benches, portable air sofas that are all over the world, a happy travel pillow for you, “false three -dimensional “True Plane” uses an illusion design lamp … From now until December 15th, come to meet the APOUS Baihui Pavilion of Yidi Port, feel a better life!


Store address: LG floor of Yidi Port

Manner coffee

The call came out. In Shanghai, Manner Coffee, which has a very popular online celebrity coffee shop, finally came to Beijing! Manner Coffee started from a small window of 2 square meters in Shanghai. With stable quality and the price of the people, it has won popularity by word of mouth. Now it has become a independent coffee brand with dozens of chains.

As the first store in Beijing, Manner Coffee’s emperor’s “first show” is set at Hantu Department Store. Orange Pipon, osmanthus latte, and matcha oats are the main features of Manner Coffee. The small cup of latte is 15 yuan, the large cup is 20 yuan, and the cup can be reduced by 5 yuan. The price can be said to be over -connected. According to the Shanghai friends who have tasted, the taste of Manner coffee is very pure and is a very cost -effective choice. In addition to hand -coffee coffee and conventional freshly prepared coffee, they also sell ears coffee.


Photo/Hanguang Department Store official WeChat public account screenshot

Store address: Hanguang Department Store 2 floor

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Photo/Yidi Port official WeChat public account screenshot

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