Monitor shooting! Uncle brown jacket! This couple is looking for you

Xiao Zhao and Xiaojiang in Hefei are a couple. Last night, they went to a Century Huahe Shopping Center in Shushan District to buy things. After paying the payment, Xiaojiang accidentally lost his mobile phone. Surprisingly.


Xiaojiang lost a purple Samsung mobile phone, which she spent 5,000 yuan half a year ago.


Xiaojiang’s boyfriend Xiao Zhao said, “After buying the goods in the supermarket, we got out of the cashier area. There was a sofa at the door of the cashier area. After buying something with my girlfriend, I sat on the sofa for a while. We want to sort out things, and then she put the phone next to the sofa. “

Xiao Zhao said that after that, he and his girlfriend Xiaojiang found a few game consoles in the supermarket, and ran over for a while, forgetting the mobile phone on the sofa. “About eight minutes later, we came back to God and knew that the mobile phone was on the sofa. We wanted to go back to get it. At this time, I found that the mobile phone was gone.”

After finding that the mobile phone was not seen, Xiao Zhao immediately found the customer service center of the supermarket and retrieved the surveillance video of the sofa area. After calling up the monitor, I found that the phone was taken away by a middle -aged man. Later, Xiao Zhao watched the surveillance video at the time.


After being found to be picked up, Xiao Zhao kept calling the mobile phone, hoping to contact the middle -aged man, but no one answered the phone. “After the phone was gone, I called him a lot of calls. We made a lot of calls because of anxiety, but he didn’t answer the phone.”

Then at the scene, Xiao Zhao dialed Xiaojiang’s mobile phone again, but the sound of the shutdown came from the handset. Xiaojiang is a senior student at Anhui University. There are many important documents and materials in the mobile phone. At present, graduation is imminent. If there is no document in a mobile phone, it may affect graduation.


“The most important thing in the mobile phone is the information of graduation thesis and postgraduate entrance examination, because I have no backup in the computer, and contact the teacher with WeChat, and many things are stored in the phone. It may cause her to delay graduation.”

Xiao Zhao said that he hoped that the person who picked up his mobile phone would be able to contact him and return the phone. “We don’t blame him. After all, we have our responsibility. We put the mobile phone on the sofa because of negligence and playfulness. We believe that this uncle is still a good person. He returned the phone to us and we would still thank him. “At present, Xiao Zhao has called the police.

Big -eye man wearing brown jacket


The eyes are so big, it looks pretty handsome


I believe you just took a mobile phone without a master

I don’t know how to give the owner

Now I am so anxious to find the owner

If you see it, give it to others

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Source: Anhui Radio and TV Station

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